Crushing Turbo MTTs and MTTSNGs by ILS007

This is the hottest online course available for crushing MTTs in 2021.

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This course is the most in-depth deconstruction of the turbo MTT/MTTSNG formats ever produced, and has just been created by the author to be of highest relevance to the games of today.

In addition to the 20 videos, you will receive a comprehensive download package detailing Earlygame Defending Ranges, Earlygame Opening Ranges, Equity Charts and Heads-Up Charts that are the next evolution of poker. These elite charts are far superior to the charts that most top pros are currently using and are only available in this course

The course covers all game areas in detail, and provides students with a precise methodology for self improvement upon completion. In this way, it is intended to allow students to continuously improve their game, and to take advantage of the private forum for course members, where they can ask Ivan strategy questions.

Ivan goes beyond the conventional recommendations, sharing his decade of experience up to the highest stakes in matters concerning optimal ICM play and adjustments. After watching the series, you will see late game and final table play in a new light!


Ivan has consistently pushed boundaries from both the theoretical and exploitative side of the game. He was one of the biggest winners in 6max hypers at the highest stakes which requires extremely solid theoretical knowledge and having lived with him I’ve seen first-hand his students destroy multi table tournaments where adaptability and exploitation prevails more. Ivan has always been at or near the top of any field he’s put his mind to. As a former chess player his desire to strategize and solve is unparalleled with anyone I know."

- Bigstealer: Former Multi-Time Supernova Elite and current Zoom $500 Reg

Both Ivan and I have dominated the high-stakes turbo/hyper turbo single-table SNGs.
Ivan started as a student of mine playing up to $500 sng on both stars and FTP, and then afterwards as a coaching partner. Given the results we had together and the strategy that was learned and taught, I can assure you what Ivan coaches is of the very highest quality around. Furthermore, Ivan has excellent tilt control, bankroll management and planning for grinding schedule, all of which are extremely important in maintaining a high hourly rate in poker.
Ivan is a personable and easy going guy who conducts his coaching in a professional manner. I can recommend this site and Ivan's coaching packages as a great value opportunity not to be missed. He goes out of his way to give you every chance of succeeding.
- Leoc00, #1 hyper turbo single-table SNG player in the world 2010

I worked with Ivan for the last 2 ½ years and he turned me from a 6$ sng recreational player to Supernova Elite status playing up to 500$ SNGs.
What can be said about his coaching skills other than they are absolutely amazing, he touches every aspect of the game (technical, mental, BR management, game selecting) and actually cares about your poker success.
As long as you are willing to apply his insight to your game, you will see really fast improvements and your winrate will be higher than you ever imagined.
I just cant recommend Ivan highly enough to be honest, for me he's #1 coach in the world!
-jtdstreet, Supernova Elite 2011

Ivan took me from a low stakes recreational player to full time grinder within the space of 6 months, completely transforming my game in the process.
His coaching methods are simple yet when put into practice are extremely effective. He's a very approachable guy and easy to talk to, which allows him to get his point accross in a way thats easy for you to understand.
To anyone considering getting coaching look no further, I can't recommend Ivan highly enough. His knowledge and understanding of the game is exceptional.
-BigTunna99, former #1 18-man SNG player in the world

Ivan has certainly provided an outstanding strategic influence on my game as a whole.  Not only in terms of playing decisions, but in the sense of a grinding mindset too. His insights and experience in the online poker world are invaluable.  He always has an answer to any question asked, and is both patient and flexible as a coach.

Course Outline

Video 1: The Earlygame - Preflop - Theory Overview

•  Key considerations for constructing an optimal preflop strategy in the Earlygame.

Video 2: The Earlygame - Preflop - Opening Ranges

•  Optimal opening ranges from all positions
•  Optimal call vs. 3-bet ranges
•  Optimal 4-bet ranges
•  Optimal stack-off ranges

Video 3: The Earlygame - Preflop - Defending Ranges

•  Optimal cold-call ranges from all positions vs. EP and LP
•  Optimal 3-bet ranges from all positions vs. EP and LP
•  Optimal vs. 4-bet ranges from all positions vs. EP and LP

Video 4: The Earlygame - Postflop - Theory Overview

•  Understanding board textures
•  Understanding how to play out-of-position and in-position
•  Choosing correct sizings
•  Special plays

Video 5: The Earlygame - Postflop - Hand Reviews

•  How to play postflop with the preflop ranges at higher SPRs
•  Identifying auto-profit opportunities
•  Utilising larger sizings vs. inelastic calling ranges

Video 6: The Middlegame - Theory Overview

•  Understanding the reasons for choosing to openshove or to minraise
•  The key formula for determining profitable 3-bet shove spots
•  Optimal postflop strategy concepts at lower SPRs

Video 7: The Middlegame - Equity Charts and Calculation Process

•  The most important equity chart you will use for stack-off decisions
•  How to precisely determine the equity you require and how much equity you have

Video 8: The Middlegame - Higher Blind Level Play

•  Constructing optimal minraise and openshoving ranges
•  Splitting the table
•  Identifying good exploit opportunities at the table

Video 9: The Middlegame - Postflop Play at Lower SPRs

•  C-bet frequency and bet sizing adjustments at lower SPRs
•  Power plays as the OOP defender
•  Playing in the blinds in multi-way pots

Video 10: The Endgame - Playing for cEV and $EV

•  Understanding the adjustment required when shifting from playing cEV to playing $EV
•  How exactly to calculate the ICM tax

Video 11: The Endgame - Practical Hand Example for Calculating ICM Tax

•  Step-by-step exemplar for calculating the ICM tax
•  Discussion of the ICM tax implications
•  Deviations from the ICM tax

Video 12: The Endgame - Pre-Final Table with Bubble Play

•  Approaching pre-final tables with both cEV and $EV in mind
•  Utilizing the 'MTT' mode on ICMIZER
•  Momentum shift decision points

Video 13: The Endgame - Pre-Final Table Play ITM

•  Pre-final table strategy once we are already ITM
•  Assessing the table optimally given the stack distributions
•  Adjusting for edge at the table

Video 14: The Final Table - Theory

•  Optimal approaches as the short, medium  and big stacks
•  Limitations of the ICM model
•  Optimal heads-up strategy

Video 15: The Final Table - 5-9 Handed

•  Table dynamics 5-9 handed on final tables
•  Minimising our ICM burden
•  Understand edge adjustments and future value considerations

Video 16: The Final Table - Short-Handed

•  Short-handed adjustments on the final table
•  Adjusting our preflop ranges when effective stacks are deeper
•  Table management vs. aggressive regs
•  Profitable vs. unprofitable risk taking

Video 17: The Final Table - Heads-Up Chart Analyses

•  Why Nash charts are both useful and insufficient, and how to utlise them
•  Making our own Nash-adjusted charts
•  Range construction vs. recreational opponents

Video 18: The Final Table - Heads-Up in the SB

•  Defining which hands fit best into limping, raising and openshoving ranges
•  Building mixed strategies with ideal bluff:value ratios
•  Understanding how different board textures interact with hero vs. villain ranges

Video 19: The Final Table - Heads-Up in the BB

•  Constructing optimal 3-bet shoving and shove over limp strategies
•  Understanding which hands should call despite profiting in other lines
•  Special donk-betting opportunities

Video 20: Live Footage of a 180-Man Final Table

•  Watch ILS007 take down a 180-man final table in live footage

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