How to Play OOP from the Blinds version 2016

This course goes to great detail to explain concepts which will enable you to play effective poker from the blinds – an area which is rarely given the attention it deserves, especially considering it is where you are likely to incur the majority of your poker losses. With this course you can expect to dramatically improve your blind play.


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"The blind series was simply amazing. The material was exactly what helped me improve my game. It was explained in great detail without wasting time on useless stuff. You are a great teacher. Thanks. " - sLiVeR on 2+2 Poker Forum

"... The video helps me very much. ... Ryan takes some his hand examples or PPTs to explain the concepts, step by step, after watching the videos , I got a total new view to the blind defending play without any stress, but only joy and satisfaction. 2. The questions related course from students and the answers of Ryan are very valuable. ... " - NiuNiu on 2+2 Poker Forum

"... I bought the series of "How to defend your blinds", and I really felt obliged to let everyone know that they are a really wonderful series. ... Everything in his strategy seems to fit perfectly, and I'm confident that I will soon have the amount I paid for the series, plus a lot of interest... " - miguelanjelo on 2+2 Poker Forum

"Hi, this is wpr101. I just finished the In the Blinds series and really enjoyed it. Definitely worth the money for me, as it answered a lot of questions that I've had over the years. It is both comprehensive and concise - both of which are good because there is no filler material that most videos have. ... Overall, a great series for improving play. " - RampageJackson on 2+2 Poker Forum

"... I went to go buy the video, but than had second thoughts since I only play live full ring now. ... I can say with 100% confidence this video series will pay for itself, and than some. I used to dread playing pots from the blinds, now I kind of look forward to it since there are so many more options I have to my arsenal. I would definitely recommend this video..." -ringinabox on 2+2 Poker Forum

"Hi, Ryan I'm Beomsoo Jeong. I want to express my impression and appreciation of seeing your GREAT video That's what I've been looking for. ... You know Ryan, I really really Thank you. And I'm surely hope to succeed to buy your 40bb videos also by making money at poker table. Surely later I hope your live coaching..." - Nthinker on 2+2 Poker Forum

"I had a few sessions with YourDoom and after every single session i saw a huge improvement in my game. he found a lot of my leaks in just a few minutes and made me thinking about poker in a much different way. ... i also bought his video series and what can i say: its great! ... " - Schiller-Music on 2+2 Poker Forum

"I loved the series. The quiz gave it a nice class room feeling too This combo of 1# winrate and former teacher is very impressive. This guy knows how to teach. ... " - phenomenal on 2+2 Poker Forum

"I'm a long time winner at the 100-200NL 6 max games and I just finished watching the video series and i definetly enjoyed it. The series is very weighted towards helping you make the right decisions preflop and on the flop when in the blinds, which helps make your turn decisions easier and helps you avoid playing guessing games. ... I am definetly happy with my purchase. " - the_most10 on 2+2 Poker Forum

"... Every session I find myself saying 'thanks yourdoom' having made money in a spot where I previously would be losing. His results speak for themselves and it's an absolute steal at the rate he is charging. ... " - supaStylin on 2+2 Poker Forum

"... I have finished prob 90% of the series so far and have found it very interesting and informative. It gave me a whole new outlook on how this gameplan is a much better one than the standard one that most 2p2ers use. He talks about some things that I had not even thought of with regards to defending from the blinds... " - isunkurbttleship on 2+2 Poker Forum

"There was quite a few areas in my blind play where I wasn't playing optimally at all so I feel like I learned a lot and ending with a 95 score in the quiz makes me confident some of it stuck and I look forward to see some improvements in my blind win-rates... " - Kalledrengen on 2+2 Poker Forum

"I wasn't very good at poker in and before 2011 and thankfully, I first run against Ryan during summer 2011 - he used to make videos for another site at the time I have, from the very first video, understood that this guy is the real deal. From that point on I missed exactly zero Ryan's videos. Ryan's video series "Playing from the blinds", "Playing with and against 40bb stack" then came out. It goes without saying that I watched them through with great attention several times. Now THAT was a total breakthrough. I finally was starting to understand what this game is about. Using the new knowledge, superior techniques and experimenting with lines, my skill and winrate approached very decent level.

I watched and rewatched these, and they have opened me a whole new face of the texas holdem. I was a very bad player back then and those vods were just what doctor ordered. After months of work at my game and self-discipline my results improved significantly. I moved up in stakes and finally became a winning player…" –RainbowFlash on 2+2 Poker Forum

So i've bought a few courses from YourDoom's website and just thought i'd say his courses are a god send for me, I watch these videos and just think 'Wow this guy has it all figured out, no wonder he's crushing the games'.  He comes up with new ideas and then puts the math behind them to justify how it's all +EV (which we all want to see!), he explains everything in all videos + many sample videos/replayer sessions so you see it all in action along with detailed analysis. The biggest thing i'd like to point out about YourDoom is when he plays his hands, he plays them all very mathematically looking for spots that will be +EV and not by some 'gut feeling' saying "Oh I feel he could be bluffing so I call" He looks over all the math and analyzes and then decides, this approach i've found personally DRAMATICALLY REDUCES TILT because the decision is in the math, not the 'gut'. This is just what you want in a poker coach! I'm looking forward to more courses in the future!  - LozaM50 on 2+2 Poker Forums

Course Outline

Video 1: The Basics

  • Basic info we need to know for Beginner to Intermediate  Players
  • HUD stats that we'll be using
  • YourDoom discusses Playing at Zero EV and Shipping Preflop

Video 2: How to use my HM2 HUD and Popups

  • A detailed explanation of the HUD and each popup that I use
  • Dominate your opponents using the most state-of-the-art technologies available 
    A free copy of the HUD+Popups is provided for all course members
    Easy import instruction are provided
    The HUD is updated often
    Purchasing this course entitles you to download this HUD and all future versions at no additional charge

Video 3: How to Defend Your BB vs. any Opening Range

  • Your general Defend range vs. various opening percentages
  • Which hands are better to flat vs which hands are better to 3-bet bluff vs different players

Video 4: Better Information about This Trend to Defend Very Wide vs. Button Steal

A deep examination of the profitability of defending different subsets of trash hands 
The "Superior Player Axom"
Giving your complete confidence and clarity on what hands to defend and why vs. each particular opponent

Video 5: How To Play Your Weak Draws OOP in SRP

Our standard game plan with weak draws OOP HU and multiway
Variations based on opponent tendencies
Good bluffing opportunities and disguising our ranges

Video 6: When to Check-Raise Bluff and how to Proceed on Later Streets

  • Creating an aggressive dynamic
  • When to fire the turn. When to Check-fold
  • Which hands are better to xR as a bluff
  • Which boards are bettter to xR as a bluff

Video 7: SB Adjustments and Bluff Catching

  • Adjustments for the Small Blind
  • How to play your monsters
  • Hands where Check-calling is the most optimal line

Video 8: The Line Between Check-Calling and Check-Raise Semi Bluffing

  • A discussion and analysis of different situations 
  • When to check-call as a bluff catcher
  • When to check-raise as a semi-bluff

Video 9: Optimizing Your River Play OOP

  • An advanced and precise look at when to check call river vs. when to check fold the river
  • Calculating an opponent's range on the river after three c-bets
  • Using technology to aid your decision 

Video 10: The Line Between Check-Calling and Check-Raising for Value

  • Expanding your value range
  • When a bluff catcher becomes a value hand
  • Using unbalanced ranges to your advantage

Video 11: Playing AJo and KQo in a Multiway Pot

Exactly how to play AJo and KQo in all multiway pot scenarios

Video 12: Crushing the Check-Back on the Flop

  • How to crush a player checking back for pot control
  • How to use technology to fully exploit the check-back

Video 13: Completing the Small Blind

  • How often to complete the Small Blind in a limped pot
  • How to play the flop in a multiway pot
  • Flop donk bets in action

Video 14: Multiway - Check-Raising vs. Donking

  • When to Check-raise vs. when to donk the flop

Video 15: How to Counter an Aggressive Check-Raiser

  • Playing your button vs. several different types of players
  • Analyzing players value vs. bluff check-raise ratios on different boards

Video 16: Betting the River for Thin Value and Floating Multiway

  • How to Play the River with Top Pair when the Board Pairs
  • Floating multiway with zero equity.

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