Advanced Tactics

"Advanced Tactics" is the most popular private poker course of all time.  This is an older course, when originally published changed the face of online poker as we know it today.

Although it no longer contains my most advanced content, this course was recently updated to ensure it is 100% relevant and optimal for today's games with original videos updated and new videos released.

In 2020, this course provides a very important foundation of play to beginning small stakes players in a clear and organized manner that will not be found anywhere else on the internet. 

If you do not use a HUD or do but generally have limited samples this course is a perfect starting point for you as these videos will establish a solid foundation and a strong baseline for your cash game play in 2020 with or without detailed HUD data.  


Play vs different general types of players is discussed in this video, instead of focusing on detailed HUD stats.


However, even if you use the most advanced HUD on earth, we still recommend this course as it contains fundamental profit boosting videos, not found in any other course, that are critical for all cash game players.  You will establish a solid baseline of play with these video and then will make adjustments as your HUD suggests.


If you are already consistently beating NL100, you should skip this course and go right to the more advanced courses listed in the top row (Expert Cash Game Play and Revolutionary New Lines)

When you purchase any YourDoom series you also receive a lifetime membership to the private comment forum of the course where you can ask questions about the videos/concepts and have Ryan (YourDoom) answer them.  So when you purchase one or more course you are not just purchasing videos. You are purchasing lifetime access to a community dedicated to learning, study, discussion and growth. 

All owners of any YourDoom package are also entitled to a free copy of his state-of-the-art Advanced HM2 HUD for easy download.  You can watch a free informational video about this HUD on our YouTube channel.


All full, unedited testimonials for this course can now be found HERE

"... the advanced tactics series was phenomenal as well. I learned some new things and he reinforced other things that I already knew. I would definitely recommend him." - IAnonymous on 2+2 Poker Forum

"I recently purchased the advanced course and can wholeheartedly recommend it without any reservation... I can confidently say that this is the best and an absolute steal at its current price." - Jalovera on 2+2 Poker Forum

"... i must say i could not be happier with my investment. I like a lot how you explain your thought process, is quite really easy to understand..." - romanianmouse on 2+2 Poker Forum

"...if you are serious about improving your game and don't know what kind of material you wanna buy i can BY ALL MY HEART SUGGEST THIS COURSE! its rly brilliant and has it all   i was a nl100 reg with a winratio of 3bbs/100 and after i have studied this my bb sky rocket to a winrate of 7-8bbs/100 over 50k hands. ..."    - Spazzout22 on 2+2 Poker Forum

"... best stuff I ever see on vids. There are surely other great vids around, but these are 100% great. Concepts are well explained, and again I feel 100% sure Ryan knows what is coaching..."   - 2PourPapa on 2+2 Poker Forum

"I will have to say that this series will absolutely open your eyes for taking new different lines in your game that will increase your overall winrate. It will also remove some leaks that you may have. If you think the price is a bit high, as I thought before buying, I just can say it's worth it. ... Today I would say it's a no-brainer buy."  - Sir_TiltALOT on 2+2 Poker Forum

YourDoom holds your hand through all aspects of a NLH hand in his new Advanced Tactics series. A lot of players, myself included, are striving to play a balanced game in an unbalanced game. If you are an advanced player you may find yourself saying this video series has nothing to offer you – you're wrong. If you truly do know and implement all of the advice in the video it's a huge confidence boost to have it confirmed. Maybe you don't agree with a line of thinking – it's good to know what your opponents are thinking.

The concepts are presented eloquently with little filler. If you don't feel a topic was covered thoroughly enough YourDoom quickly answers questions in the private forum. NLH becomes simple when you have a solid reasoning behind the decisions you are making. The price tag looks hefty at $750 USD but I believe it is a steal at this price and wish it was increased. 

I have played 20K hands after watching the series in it's entirety. My play is almost exclusively at $200NL and I am winning at a clip of 5.86 EV BB/100. Next on my plate is to watch the Playing From The Blinds series and grind another 20K hands. –jnfpoker on 2+2 Poker Forum

"I just completed YourDoom’s latest video series, “Advanced Tactics” and could not be happier with my purchase. It is the first video series I purchased from him, and playing on a smaller bankroll I was skeptical of investing such a large amount of money in a video series, especially when there are so many other resources available to improve your game. The table of contents for the video series looked too tempting to pass up, and I definitely feel like I got great value for my purchase. The videos are well organized and full of content. He tackled specific situations that I had questions with in my game, and not only tells you what plays he likes to make but does an amazing job in explaining why he would make these plays and against which opponents and situations he would make them. I really like the fact that he is a math guy and breaks down the math that justifies the concepts and theories he is teaching. He also does a phenomenal job with answering all questions in the forums to clarify anything you may not understand. I highly recommend this series to everyone, and cannot wait to purchase the other two video series that YourDoom offers." –fdel15 on 2+2 Poker Forum

"I have been waiting for a series like this for some time, after greatly enjoying YourDoom's last 100bbs series on "How to Play from the Blinds". Although after watching this new series, I still don’t understand why Ryan decided to make this information public for such a low price… Anyway, this was great news for me…" -miguelanjelo on 2+2 Poker Forum

"His series "how to beat small, mid and high stakes at over 10bb100" was just incredible. There's A TON of info in there. Maths, ranges, lines, hand analysis and overall gameplan - you can find everything there. You can understand the very foundation of Ryan's game the way he presents it, the thought process and approach to various spots - that is just priceless.  Thanks to my new knowledge, my volume and SNE I made over $400k playing online poker in 2012., high quality material. You are going to benefit from all of them if you use your brain.  ...If you are not sure which course is the best investment (like if you have limited funds), opt for "Advanced Tactics: How to Beat Small, Medium and High Stakes at Over 10bb/100". This is a very comprehensive overview of almost all of the stuff you could need for your game." -RainbowFlash on 2+2 Poker Forum

" ...I've bought only "Advanced Tactics: How to Beat Small, Medium and High Stakes at Over 10bb/100" and it covers everything beside playing from the blinds. So now when I'm playing I am in a vary awkward situation cause when I am not on the blind I know what I am doing and why I am doing and I am very confident... Also I've calculated myself and it seems I won much more than 597 euro (the price of this series) just because I've learned how to play KQ/AJ/AQ in the right way. not to mention the other brilliant staff which is included in this series. You have to look this investment like this : There is 20 video in this series (I am not mentioning some quize type videos which helps to revise the information you've gained) , On average if each video will increase your profit with 1 bb in certain situation which is happening very often (and I am saying the minimum!! ) I can guarantee you will get much more money (of course if you are playing regularly and not 2 hours in a week) than you've paid..." -You_are_a_stud! on 2+2 Poker forums

Course Outline

Video 1: Expert Dynamic Opening Ranges for Today's games

Teaching you how to properly analyze your own database to find your perfect ranges
Beyond "Charts"

Video 2: Button Steal Success Power Point

YourDoom takes you through the math behind stealing the blinds

  • Steal success rates

  • Math and calculations

Video 3: Using the NoteCaddy CaddyScatter

How to use the NoteCaddy CaddyScatter 

Video 4: Optimizing Card Spread

YourDoom discusses what it means to optimize your card spread

  • The major difference between A8 and A2

  • Our 3-Betting range in and out of position

  • What hands to never 3Bet and why

  • What hands to flat in each position

Video 5: How to Play AA and KK

YourDoom examines spots that most players play incorrectly

  • Optimizing AA and KK in unusual positions

  • How to Play AA and KK vs. a single raiser

  • How to Play AA and KK in a multiway pot

Video 6: How to Play AJ and KQ in Position Facing a Raise

YourDoom discusses the unique properties of AJ and KQ

  • Playing vs. a regular

  • Expanding your 3-betting value range vs. a fish

Video 7: Making a Big Laydown

YourDoom examines cases where it is correct to fold AK preflop in a 6-max game

  • Folding AK 100BB effective vs. a good regular

Video 8: How to Play Against 3-Bets vs. a Single Opponent - Part 1

YourDoom discusses optimal play when facing a 3-Bet

  • How to flat a 3-bet w a suited connector

  • The major difference between 76s and 66

Video 9: How to Play Against 3-Bets vs. a Single Opponent - Part 2 - Establishing a General Baseline with Limited HUD Data

YourDoom continues to discuss optimal play facing a 3-Bet

  • How to play AJ, KQ, AQ, 66 and 76s facing different 3-Bet ranges

  • 3-betting, 4-betting and 5-betting w AQ

  • Facing a 3-Bet while OOP

  • Your redline (non-showdown winnings)

  • Optimal Flop, turn and river play with AQ high

Video 10: How to Play Against 3-Bets in a Multi-Way Pot

YourDoom examines the differences between a HU vs. a multi-way pot

  • In position vs. OOP

  • Anticipating the fish call

  • Flush frequencies

Video 11: Expanding our 5-Betting Range

YourDoom takes you through the math of 5-betting unusual hands

  • The 3 betting of baby pairs (bonus video)

  • When and how to expand your 5-bet shoving range 100BB effective

Video 12: Which Flops and Which Opponents to Slowplay

YourDoom examines the flop texture and the opponent with regards to Slowplaying

  • Ace high flops vs. ragged flops

  • "The 2nd broadway card"

  • Slowplaying vs. a reg

  • Slowplaying vs. a fish

Video 13: When and How to Tailor your Bet Sizing Postflop - Part 1

YourDoom discussing optimal bet sizing

  • Pot-betting and over-betting

  • Adjustments to your opponents

Video 14: When and How to Tailor your Bet Sizing Postflop - Part 2

YourDoom discusses the value of over-betting specific situations

  • Over betting in a multi-way pot

  • Over betting in a HU pot

Video 15: C-Betting the Flop and Turn - Part 1 - The Basics

YourDoom analyzes hand playability and board texture

  • C-Betting AK vs. C-Betting 33

  • Analyzing Board Texturep

  • Flopping Bottom or Middle Pair

  • Flopping Top Pair with a Weak Kicker

Video 16: C-Betting the Flop and Turn - Part 2 - Advanced

YourDoom discusses double and triple barreling

  • Looking at 4-Bet range before acting on that AQ

  • Different plans to play AQ facing an open

  • Flop, turn and river play in a 3-Bet pot

Video 17 - C-Betting the Flop and Turn - Part 3 - Advanced

YourDoom discusses the merits of aggressive vs. passive play

  • When and How to Bluff Catch

  • Double barreling with showdown value on a drawy board

Video 18: When to Bluff Shove the River

10 YourDoom examines situations where it's optimal to bluff shove the river

  • Check-shoving the river vs. a light value bet

  • The triple barrel bluff

Video 19: Bluff Raising a Multiway Flop

YourDoom examines a very powerful spot to bluff raise on the flop

  • When to bluff raise a 3-way flopt

  • Call open ranges preflop

  • When to follow up your bluff with a double barrel 

Video 20: Helpful Tips that Most People Do Not Know

YourDoom divulges his favorite personal tricks that very few players use

  • Play like a mega-fish (Yes, really)

  • My personal anti-tilt tricks

  • Confuse your opponents

Video 21: QUIZ #1 - 10 Hands

10 Hands where you have to choose a course of action

  • 10 Situations where you have to choose a course of action

  • Scoring: 0 to 5 points possible for each situation

Video 22: QUIZ #1 with Answers - 10 Hands

Discussion and Grading of Quiz #1

  • Explanations of which answers are the best and which are the worst

  • Finishing the hands out with detailed analysis

  • Scoring: 0 to 5 points possible for each situation

Video 23: QUIZ #2 - 10 Questions

10 Questions where you have to try to choose the correct answer

  • Multiple Choice questions

  • Selecting multiple correct answers from a list of possibilities

  • Scoring: 0 to 5 points possible for each situation 

Video 24: QUIZ #2 with Answers- 10 Questions

Discussion and Grading of Quiz #2

  • Explanations of which answers are the best and which are the worst

  • Scoring: 0 to 5 points possible for each situation

  • Cumulative scoring and your report card. 100 points = perfect

Video 25: How to use my HM2 HUD and Popups

A detailed explanation of the HUD and each popup that I use
Dominate your opponents using the most state-of-the-art technologies available 
A free copy of the HUD+Popups is provided for all course members
Easy import instruction are provided
The HUD is updated often
Purchasing this course entitles you to download this HUD and all future versions at no additional charge

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