Dan Abrams here, aka Doctor Razz, aka SGSpecial on 2+2 and from my playing days.


I started playing online poker in 2003 and was a successful low stakes player at LHE, NLHE, and 7-card stud until I found my muse: razz. I started playing razz in 2005, where I quickly worked my way up in stakes after doing extensive research into the mathematics and mechanics of the game. Playing as SGspecial on both Full Tilt and Pokerstars, I have taken on razz ring games at all limits and played many MTTs. My win rate at low and midstakes razz ring games was over 3BB/100 and about 2BB/100 at 20/40 and above. In over 100 daily and weekly razz MTTs I amassed an ROI of >125%, and have played in the WSOP razz event 6 times (sadly with no cashes). With little razz action available these days I've turned my attention to coaching and making more training videos.

Coaching and video training:

I've been doing video coaching since October, 2007 and have produced over 60 videos. I've also been doing one-on-one coaching since 2007 and have trained and mentored players from $1/$2 grinders to those playing nose-bleed stakes mixed games and WSOP events. I'm located near Philly, PA but typically do coaching on Skype, over the phone, or by hand history reviews. My standard rate is $100/hr with a two hour minimum (discounted from $200/hr since black Friday), but will do up to four hours at half price with low stakes players to keep one-on-one coaching within reach for everyone.

I'm also thrilled to announce my new expert level razz video course on Yourdoom called "High Roller Razz." Drawing from concepts discussed in my "Razz Made Complex" video series and many other videos, my articles in the 2+2 online magazine, and many new tips on multiway play and other tricky spots, this series is a complete course on how to dominate in razz at the highest stakes. It includes many example hands featuring real high stakes opponents (appropriately anonymized) from ring games and high buy-in MTTs, and features a 20 hand gameplay quiz to allow viewers to put their newly gained razz expertise to the test.

Coaching Philosophy/Policies:

I try to tailor my coaching to the student's level, from rank beginner to razz grinder to expert at other games who needs to make adjustments for razz. Many of my best students have been very successful NLHE players who needed help making the U-turn in thinking necessary to become a great razz player. I have always kept my appointments with students, and will answer occasional email questions about hands they still find tricky after finishing our coaching agreement.

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