I am currently offering HU and 6-max PLO Coaching for $175/hour. I also offer Poker Theory for most other games. I am also available for Live Coaching. Discounts for bulk.

I can provide tons of positive coaching reviews and references. I am happy to provide current graph, feel free to PM me for whatever you need.

About me:

  • Two-Time PLO Player of the Year on PTR
  • Very Successful Online Player at PLO200-PLO1k and occasionally higher
  • Featured in Bluff Magazine
  • Poker Strategy Writer for Poker Player Magazine
  • Cardrunners Instructor
  • Instructor at www.YourDoomPoker.com

I also just released my 6-max PLO course "Advanced PLO with Kazor - How to Crush Small and Mid Stakes" which is now available for purchase at  www.YourDoomPoker.com

This course is a must own for all transitioning NL players who want to learn PLO and all current small and midstakes PLO players who want to improve their games.

Here are some people saying good things about me:

Originally Posted Jokerar

I recently got kazor to look at my game and I can highly recommend him as a coach.

Originally Posted By VegasGrind

Just finished up a coaching session with kazor and I have to agree with Jokerar, he's legit.

Originally Posted By muskieAA

I just finished my first session with kazor and it was fantastic! He really showed me where my game was weak and tightened things up.

Originally Posted By ettorek

…a competent player that can brightly answer to a lot of question about the game and can give you some very good inside on how to be a better player: in our first session we've played 4/5$ tables realizing to cash in three of them: while this is a very small sample to judge him I felt confortable in talking about the game with him and for sure I will take more coaching sessions

Originally Posted By Drawkiller

Hi, I highly recommend kazor as a good coach. 2 hours he coaches me PLO 0.5/1$ in a very symphatic way. Especially I like that most decisions are made by me except I am not sure then he helps. In addition I like that he shows alternatives in critical spots. Besides I believe he can improve my play.

Originally Posted By Spurious

I can recommend him as well.
I've had 2 sessions with him and learned a lot about the game.
There is still plenty to learn, but I think I've made great progress, and obviously it's him who made that possible.

If you are looking for a good coach, even if you are a beginner, looking for someone who can explain concepts pretty well and is friendly overall, I think this your top choice.

Regards Spurious

Originally Posted By aussie_Star

I just had a coaching session with Kazor today and just wanted to say that he definitely knows his stuff and is very good at finding/fixing leaks. He is fun and enjoyable to work with and even though i had only paid for a 1hr session it was closer to 2! which goes to show that he is genuinely interested in trying to improve his students games.
I highly recommend him to anyone that gets the opportunity to work with him.

Originally Posted By steamboat65

I've already gained all the money spend for the session!

I really enjoi his way of coaching me and I consider him a kind guy. He didn't "look at the clock" and the session goes further of the time I've paid... Also He didn't push for other sessions... I've asked immediatly another one for the coming week but he give to me some objectives to reach first... I really appreciate that...

What I can say... I'm a busy man so I didn't like at all to write review but I really feel like I've had a lot from him so If those words can help someone who is looking for a poker coach to make a good choice, I'm happy with that.

If you are looking for a really good poker coach, do yourself a favor and hire him.

Originally Posted By maniac_t

had my first session nl50 with kazor and it was very impressive. after 20 min ish he already found 2,5 "leaks" in my game and after a hem review he gave me good advices to plug them.

although showed me some interesting alternate lines ....

highly recommended...

Originally Posted By ddlloo12

HIGHLY recommended and well worth it.

Its been awhile since I commented and I feel now that its 8 months later a lot has changed in my game. I am currently a 5/10 10/20 PLO player (and a bad shot at 25/50 built in) and am currently under coaching from Kazor for 3-4 sessions per month. Ive been amazed by move up in the poker ladder and hope to stay where I am at. I have done a lot of work and studying myself but Kazor has been a big part of the reason I am where I am at now. He really is a great guy and easy to work with.

Last week after my 25/50 shot went pretty bad I had booked a session with him and we were winding down but I was still not sure about how I was losing money in certain spots and how the games were playing differently. He made me stay on until we were on the same page and during the next week everytime he saw me on, he would ask how things were running and if I was putting myself in similar spots. I feel like he is someone I can always run hands by and get input from different ways hands can play out. I highly recommend him, just nobody can take my Wednesday slot! I hope to be shot taking at the 25/50 again sometime next month.

Originally Posted By Bung

You guys have a good coach here man. Kazor offered me 2 hours of free coaching (despite the fact that he is not taking anymore students for the time being) after reading about my unfortunate circumstances, in an effort to help lift my spirits. I'm truly touched bro. That was very generous of you. TY, and GL.

I took kazor up on his offer and he actually ended up spending 3hours+ with me. I have to reiterate that you guys have a real good coach here, not to mention the fact that he's a really good hearted individual.

Though I ran well and didn't get into any tricky spots for the whole session, he was still able to isolate a major leak AND explain how to plug it easily. We both agreed that rectifying that leak would add an extra 0.5bb to my overall WR. That's pretty significant imo.

Thanks again for ur generosity kazor<3

Originally Posted By ur_gonnalose_imo

Kazor is a nice guy and very generous with his time...he's a steal at any price!

Originally Posted By AliasUnrise

I've had quite a few sessions with Kazor and can confirm what all the other posters have said..he's a great guy and knows a lot about poker. There are many spots where he thinks about poker differently than I do and I've benefited a lot from introducing some new perspectives to my game. When I first started with him I think I was looking at poker from a break even/marginal winner perspective and he's started me down the path to actually making money. I would recommend him to anyone. :)

Originally Posted By dontwork

Kazor is handsdown the best coach I have had in my life!

I have had a lot of coaches in my life, they just teach you how to perform a certain skill, but what makes Kazor stand out is that he not only teaches you a skill he teaches you a skill set and mindset so you can adapt to any kind of situation. Another thing that makes him a good coach is that he motivates you to be the best player you can be, he pushes you to the limit. He really wants you to improve your game.

His pokerskills are superb, He has a thorough understanding of in depth poker theory. He understands all parameters of poker. Because he plays live and online and has played all poker games, he can relate to and explain complex concepts and different situations in an easy to understand way. Kazorsmathmatical background enables him to help you with complex math equations, which will benefit your Omaha and Hold´em game tremendously.

He is very flexible with his schedule, and he doesn´t look at his clock while giving a lesson.

All in all Kazor is a steal at his current price!

Book him before it is too late!

Originally Posted By TheLeakyFaucet

I started getting lessons from Kazor about 2 weeks ago and we do about 4/6hrs a week and as a NLHE 6max cash player moving over to PLO 6max cash he has been a huge help. If I had attempted to transition over myself I would have developed a ton of fundamental leaks that Kazor has kept out of my game. He has also opened my eyes to a ton of interesting lines that are unique to PLO that I would not have thought of myself.

Kazor is always available and definitely seems to genuinely care about how I do in between our sessions and I would recommend him to any PLO player looking to improve or learn the game for the first time

Originally Posted By hasu

ive had like 15-20 hours of coaching by now and although my english is not the best i think ive improved alot during our sessions.
especially talking hands after play is pretty awesome with him because he generally goes into great detail when we do that.
furtheronhes just a very nice guy and has always shown a lot of interest in everything i do besides plo, u can really talk with him about alot of different things.
his temper is very calm which makes u feel always in control when hes sweating you.

all in all kazor is an absolute steal especially given his MEGA-cheap price. hire him, u probably wont find another coach whos offering such a good mix of content/very good guy/very low price.

Originally Posted By dtan05

I've been coached by kazor for about 6 weeks now and he's been an immense help in my game. he's very clear when he coaches, and genuinely cares about your growth as a player. he is definitely an A+ coach

Originally Posted By ksuno1stunner

i have taken only 3 sessions, but kazor has been very helpful so far. so with only a few sessions, its mainly been fundamentals and leak plugging, and i think he has done a great job in those areas. he explains things well, and i feel like my thought process during hands have really improved. the transition to plo was rocky, and i had lost a lot of confidence, but with his guidance, i feel good about how things are heading, and am excited to continue building on each lesson.

Originally Posted By rbracco

I am a heads up player and just did a HEM database review with Kazor. He was able to pick out some major leaks using a combination of his advanced PLO knowledge as well as his familiarity with the HEM software. He also gave me good advice on how to plug the leaks he found.

I've played HUNL for 2 years and HUPLO for just over 3 months, I play 2/4-10/20. I would definitely recommend Kazor for players converting from NL or players unsure about their PLO game.

Originally Posted By jacktensuited13

I have had several coaches throughout my "poker career", several I disagreed immensely with their coaching styles, they do not coach me at all. They told me what to do in certain situations and when I was alone at the tables I had no clue how to implement what I learned.

Kazor was much different, his price is amazing for the value you get, he is very down to earth and relaxed, he has excellent preparation for his coaching sessions, if a session runs over he does not charge you extra one time I got 2 hours worth for an hour of coaching. He taught many things that I added countless winnings to my winrate that most regular players have no clue about.

I started at plo 25 when I used Kazor's services went up to plo 200 before the madness of a full time job and black friday hit. I used around 30 hours of coaching and every time the value I got out of those sessions was worth it. If you are looking for a poker coach, look no further than Kazor.

Originally Posted By QuadJokers

Just finished my 1st coaching session with Kazor, he was absolutely brilliant. His level of analysis about my game & was top level & we spoke in great detail about certain spots where I had room for improvement.

Really great guy & cannot wait for my 2nd session with him.

Fully recommended!

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