Expert Cash Game Play - Part 3

"Expert Cash Game Play" is now a three part course. 

This series will be a similar length to part two (11 or 12 videos total.) 

The first ten videos were just created and released in 2020. 


Course Outline

Video 1: Taking Control of the Pot - 16 mins

I'm the only person I know of in the world playing this common spot this way.  
At the end of this 16 minute video, you'll agree it's a much better line than how every other good player plays this spot.

Video 2: Break Out of Your Sizing Cage - 22 mins

A HU session review vs. a common fish type
Using sizings and lines that you've never considered

Video 3: Break Out of Your Sizing Cage Part 2- 20 mins

Non-standard 3-bet and 4-bet sizings for maximum value vs. whales

Video 4: Your New Favorite Tactic Discussed - 11 mins

Optimal ranges for a new tactic discussed and analyzed

Video 5: Unusually Sized 3-bets, Open Raises and River Bets for Maximum EV - 17 mins

Unusual sizing that no one else is using
After this video you'll adjust your sizing vs. these types of opponents for maximum value
3 new tips to maximize your value

Video 6: Dynamic Thinking In Action - 19 mins

When to abandon your plan
Powerful HUD upgrades that are now available to be shared with course members

Video 7: Expert Play On Paired Boards - 17 mins

Examining your C-Bet success rate on paired boards
A commonly missed stab opportunity
The optimal way to proceed on a paired flop vs. good opponents
The (totally different) optimal way to proceed on a paired flop vs. weak opponents

Video 8: Taking Smarter Lines That Most Regs Don't Consider - 15 mins

Playing vs. the "double flat"
Correctly understanding your opponent's range before proceeding
How 90% of regs misplay these spots every day

Video 9: Interesting Teaching Hands Part 1 - 23 mins

Recent important hands that YourDoom reviews as part of his own pregame warmup
Fixing a leak with AQ
Ignoring GTO to maximize your winrate

Video 10: Interesting Teaching Hands Part 2 - 21 mins

Recent important hands that YourDoom reviews as part of his own pregame warmup
Bluffing river vs. 3 opponents
A spot to flat AK vs a 3-bet preflop

Video 11: Conquering Human Nature to Maximize Value - 19 mins

Two interesting teaching hands
How fear of variance is killing your winrate
Should you take shots above your comfort level?
Value considerations you've likely never thought of before

BONUS: Video 12

This will be a future bonus video
There is no time table for its release
I am reserving this spot for a future big idea

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