Expert Cash Game Play - Part 2

"Expert Cash Game Play" is now a three part course. 

In this part you will learn brand new original tactics from YourDoom.  You will also learn how to use detailed HUD data effectively as well as how to proceed in general spots when no HUD data is available and on anonymous sites.

This series contains 12 videos.  All videos are now available.


"YourDoom is by far the best coach on the market from my personal experience, I have struggled for years with knowing what to learn and the correct way of learning/improving in poker, I have bought 4 courses so far and I can tell you that in every section of each course I had an arrr ha moment.
I have already paid for my 4 courses in the short time I have had them from my higher win rate, and I think its down to YourDooms ability to teach, he talks TO you in the videos, not at you and makes understanding concepts a simple breeze.
So I want to say thank you to YourDoom for giving me back my confidence in poker and showing me how to keep improving with commitment and hard work.
Thank you. " - Floki

Just want to tell you Ryan: your video's are the best by FAR, nothing comes even close to what I've ever seen. Plus your voice is super clear and you really involve the student to take part of it. You seriously do an amazing job and it's a natural talent so to say. I can't get enough of your video's. I enjoy them way more than watching a movie, yeah it's that sick man haha" - GilZ89

Course Outline

Video 1 : The Top 1% - 36 mins

Teaching a line that only the top 1% of players are using
Isolating vs. whales for maximum value
Detailed math on shoving weaker hands during a 3-way all in

Video 2: Common Spots that 90% of Regulars Play Poorly - 30 mins

Several different ways to improve your standard game in common spots
Lines that are much more +EV than the "standard line" that everyone else is using and why

Video 3: A Brand New Weapon - 37 mins

I've developed a new weapon that I believe only I am using.  I will share it with you.
Proper use of the 1/3 pot-sized-cbet for maximum value
Game theory as to why this sizing is perfect in these particular situation

Video 4: A Short Mindset Video to End "Downswings" - 9 mins

For some of you this will be the most important +EV video in this series
Sports psychology and poker - How to optimize your mind

Video 5: The Best and The Worst - Part 1 - 21 mins

How to develop your "white magic" at the tables
Non-standard actions in standard spots

Video 6: The Best and The Worst - Part 2 - 21 mins

Mistakes I've made and how I fixed them 
Why many players think they are better than they are

Video 7: Interesting In-Depth Spots - 35 mins

Range analysis
How to correctly approximate ranges
Training your mind to make better mathematical decisions

Video 8: Database Analysis - Overcalling Ranges - 24 mins

Examining different overcalling ranges from the blinds multiway
A very profitable bluffing opportunity explained
Exploiting the "slow play sickness" that most regs have

Video 9: Raising Flops and Turns in Spots You've Never Thought of for Higher EV - 34 mins

Examining population tendencies
Great spots to raise that 95% of regs call

Video 10: Interesting Hands Part 1 - 30 mins

My most interesting and educational hands of the year reviewed

Video 11: Interesting Hands Part 2 - 28 mins

My most interesting and educational hands of the year reviewed

Video 12: QUIZ - 26 mins

A quiz to refresh and to emphasize important concepts taught in the first two parts of this course.

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