Maximum Edge

"I asked robmaf to make this course because in addition to being an excellent poker player and one of the most respected poker coaches in Poland, he is the foremost expert that I know in PreGame Preparation.

In addition to his complete series you will also receive one video from myself in this package which will reveal everything I know and do to keep my entire self operating optimally over the long term.  

Almost all other poker courses teach you how to play the hands.  They teach you when you want to bet, call, fold, raise, etc... and why.  

THIS course however covers everything else.  The topics in this course are often overlooked by many players but are absolutely critical for the success of any poker professional.

I'm happy to present "Maximum Edge" available only at YourDoomPoker." 
-Ryan aka YourDoom


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Course Outline

Video 1: The Right Attitude

How you actually choose your own attitude
How to improve your focus

Video 2: What do you want to Achieve in Poker?

How to break though your "ceiling"
"Making the most money" vs. "Being the best"

Video 3: Dream Big!

Everything you need to know about poker goals
How to properly track your progress and why it's important

Video 4: Dream big! Success planning (Part 2)

Finding your inspiration
Looking at successful poker players who are like you 
Which goals to set and which goals to avoid

Video 5: The 20 Idea Method

A proven and tested idea creation method explained

Video 6: Asking Questions

Asking the right questions is extremely valuable
Why asking the right questions will give you better results

Video 7: Know Yourself

How understanding your own strengths and weaknesses is critical to your success
Getting to know how you can be outplayed
Analyzing your own game from the eyes of your opponents

Video 8: Preparation and Rituals

The best stress releasing tool ever made revealed (it's free and takes 5 minutes per day)
How to implement rituals to improve your performance and growth
Focusing on specific session goals and giving yourself a grade after each session

Video 9: Know Your Opponents: Part 1

What to look for and what to ignore
How to watch a game effectively
Finding the best players and figuring out why they win so much
How to make world class professional notes

Video 10: Know Your Opponents: Part 2

Three different levels of analysis
Very useful HM Filters that give your great information that you probably are not using
Different valuable software explained

Video 11: Technology

Revealing software that is +EV to use and how to use it

Video 12: Stat Analysis: Part 1

Analyzing an NL1k regular from A to Z explaining step by step how to do a proper useful analysis
The whole process of thorough analysis
General information vs. specific information

Video 13: Stat Analysis: Part 2

Part 2

Video 14: Working Off the Tables

How to create an entire file on your opponents and how to figure out exactly how to beat them

Video 15: Tools

An examination of a popular poker tool.
What's good and what's bad about it.

Video 16: Learning Strategies

Two types of players:  Learners vs. Grinders
Planning improvement at an optimal pace

Video 17: Build Your Team

If you're doing everything yourself, you're doing it wrong
Why you need to have a team
What to do by yourself and what to delegate
Who you need that you don't currently have

Video 18: Finance: Planning, Managing, Executing

Planning for the worst case scenarios 
Increase your financial knowledge

Video 19: Plans

How to build a plan effectively 
Long term plans vs. short term plans

Video 20: Quick tips for Quick Improvement

Using Pareto rule to be more effective
Small changes that lead to big results

Video 21: YourDoom reveals his own secrets for maximizing profits

YourDoom reveals everything he knows and does to keep himself operating optimally over the long term.
This information has previously only been given to a few private students.
Critical free or inexpensive software to use while playing
Which all natural supplements you absolutely need to be taking
Everything else you need to know to play the most A+ hands you are capable of playing each month

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