Revolutionary New Lines and Expert Precision for Winning at the Highest Level

This course contains some of YourDoom's most critical concepts at the poker tables.  If you are a "math person" this is a must-own course.  If you are not a "math person" you'll become one and will benefit even more from the break-downs and EV solutions presented in this course.

Since these videos are no longer brand new, this course has been marked down from its original €497 price tag.

YourDoom rewatched the series in 2020 and has confirmed that every single video is still 100% optimal for 2020 play.

If you are new to the site we recommend this course as your 4th course after "Expert Cash Game Play Parts 1, 2 and 3" However, the courses can be watched in any order.

When you purchase any of my series you also receive a lifetime membership to the private comment forum of the course where you can ask questions about the videos/concepts and have me answer them. So when you purchase one or more of my courses you are not just purchasing videos. You are purchasing lifetime access to a community dedicated to learning, study, discussion and growth.

This series is 11 hours, 15 minutes in length.


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Course Outline

Video 1: How to use my HM2 HUD and Popups

  • A detailed explanation of the HUD and each popup that I use
  • Dominate your opponents using the most state-of-the-art technologies available 
  • A free copy of the HUD+Popups is provided for all course members
  • Easy import instruction are provided
  • The HUD is updated often
  • Purchasing this course entitles you to download this HUD and all future versions at no additional charge

Video 2: A Thorough Examination of the Min-5-Bet 100bb Effective

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the Min-5-Bet 100bb Effective

Video 3: Deceiving Your Opponent with Unusual Lines

  • Deception is the most important attribute in poker today
  • Using math to show how deception with your line far outweighs a lost street of value
  • Various examples on deceiving your opponent with unusual lines

Video 4: Defining Range on the River vs. Different Opponents - Part 1

  • Giving you the tools to make optimal river decisions
  • Analyzing different opponent ranges by the river
  • Using math to examine river decisions with various hands vs. various opponents 
  • A 15% opening range vs. an 82% opening range

Video 5: Defining Range on the River vs. Different Opponents - Part 2

  • Giving you the tools to make optimal river decisions
  • Examining the different equity we have on each street vs. different c-betting tendencies
  • Our river equity on different board textures vs. a 50% steal facing three barrels

Video 6: Winning Half Stacks Without Showdown

  • Optimizing your turn play to crush your opponents

Video 7: The Most Valuable and Underused Line in Poker Today - Part 1

  • Optimal spots to bluff raise the river
  • Breaking down river bet-folding ranges
  • Using the best technology available to make more precise decisions

Video 8: The Most Valuable and Underused Line in Poker Today - Part 2

  • Exploiting wide ranges
  • Crush that floater
  • Bluffing opportunities in 3-bet pots
  • Advanced Meta-Game - How to Counter the Most Valuable and Underused Line in Poker Today

Video 9: C-Bet Zero

  • A new variant to crush your opponent in 3-bet pots

Video 10: Crush your Opponent by the River Before Acting Preflop

  • Breaking down what to look for when exploiting your opponent
  • How to look for and spot commonly missed opportunities

Video 11: Optimal Spots to Raise Turn

  • A discussion of how, when and why you would want to raise the turn
  • Correcting a common check-raise mistake on the flop

Video 12: Correcting that nasty turn leak

  • Which board textures are favorable to semi-bluff
  • Examining how the board hits our opponent's defending range

Video 13: Crushing NL1k

  • Live Play with commentary

Video 14: Dominating Opponents - Part 1

  • Live Play with commentary - Part 1 of 3

Video 15: Dominating Opponents - Part 2

  • Live Play with commentary - Part 2 of 3

Video 16: Dominating Opponents - Part 3

  • Live Play with commentary - Part 3 of 3

Video 17: Switching Gears to Nit Mode - Part 1

  • Live Play with commentary - Part 1 of 2

Video 18: Switching Gears to Nit Mode - Part 2

  • Live Play with commentary - Part 2 of 2

Video 19 - OverBetting and Bluffing

Overbetting for maximum value vs whales
Commonly missed bluffing opportunities

Video 20: Interesting hands

Interesting hands played recently

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