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"I hate to admit it :P but this guy is the real deal! Since spending ~1 yr working with/coaching him in 2008-2009 he has decidedly surpassed me as a poker player, thinker, and grinder.

He has amazingly clear views on what otherwise might have seemed confusing or complicated poker situations. He's also good at expressing and teaching how to think like a top poker player. Add that to extremely hard working and reliable and you're getting one of the best deals compared to any SNG training program out there!"  - Originally Posted by braminc

"A lot of my friends in poker come to me with ICM questions and the like, b/c they know I'm the SNG guy, but when people are looking for formal instruction, I usually refer them to this man. Faarcyde briefly coached me in 08, but we've been friends since, and one thing that I believe sets him apart as a coach is that he has taken the time to outline what the most important concepts are, and how best to relate them to students. Its an formal education approach to coaching, and I think it would be much more fruitful than a simple sweat session where who knows what comes up.

So yeah, all around good guy, good coach. He's very organized and just has the personality for teaching others. Not every great player makes a great coach, but someone like faarcyde, who put this kind of effort into coaching, that's who becomes a great coach." - Originally Posted by OMGBarackObama

"Good investment...The course itself makes you a winning player in low stake SNG (10$-20$ SNGs). Mid Stakes takes some practice and hand analysis type of stuff and that you can get from the forum. Apply the knowledge and just practice and puuuum you make more money from SNG than you do from your day job of doom.

My way of learning very simply: go over the materials multiple times (2-5-10 times), apply it +1 000 000 times." -Intersect on 2+2 Poker Forum

"The best thing about the course tho is that you get the possibily to ask faarcyde questions in the forum. He has replied to every question I asked him so far in deepth. I think this is invalueable to any player serious about there game....i will give this course 5 out of 6" -mckrogh on 2+2 Poker Forum

Course Outline

Video 1: Introduction

  • A few words about the course and its contents

Video 2: SNG Wizard

  • Making proper use, different functions, edge considerations

Video 3: Hold Em Manager

  • Utilizing and customizing your HUD

Video 4: Player Profiling

  • Classification: recreational player, regular or otherwise?
  • Determining Factors: HUD statistics, results, history
  • Application: understanding how to leverage your information

Video 5: ICM Explained

  • Basic ICM Theory: application and theoretical perspectives
  • Real World Application: in-game examples, shortcomings and more

Video 6: Nash Equilibrium

  • Proper application, when and when not to use

Video 7: Six Max vs Full Ring

  • A quick word about how I will approach the differences throughout the series

Video 8: Early Game

  • Preflop hand selection
  • Overall Strategy: tight aggressive, minimal risk taking
  • Three betting: when, how and why?
  • Bet Sizing: preflop, postflop and everything in between

Video 9: Mid Game/Bubble

  • Overall Strategy: selective risk and exploiting tendencies
  • Chip Stack Dynamics: when to push the action and when to sit back
  • Hand Examples: compare and contrast, calling and pushing all in

Video 10: Late Game and Heads Up

  • Remaining Bubble Dynamics: why is there still a bubble?
  • Leveraging Your Chip Stack: more push fold analysis
  • Basic Heads up Strategies: player profiling continued, exploitable versus unexploitable

Video 11: Rakeback

  • Explanation, examples and models

Video 12: Table Selection, Bankroll Requirements and Variance

  • Table selection: Why, how and ROI differences
  • Variance: Simulations and swings
  • Bankroll requirements: when to move up?

Video 13: The Mental Game

  • Tilt: avoidance and methodology
  • Inchworm: playing your “A game”
  • The Horizon Ideal: gaining every edge you can

Video 14: Question and Answer

  • Q&A: What’s it like to be pro, how do you handle swings, is it worth it?

Video 15: Investments and Securities

  • Beyond poker: different ways to diversify outside the tables

Video 16: Six-Max live replay

  • Bringing it all together: hand analysis, SNG Wizard in action and more

Video 17 - Full-ring live replay

  • Bringing it all together: hand analysis, SNG Wizard in action and more

Video 18: Outro

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