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I will start by saying that it's a great series and offers good value for its price. The series will give you insight into becoming a better plo player.  Teaching you the tools to enhance your game independently and the skills necessary to beat your Omaha games which will significantly improve your win rate. He starts off by teaching you tools for self improvement enabling you to improve your game on your own after the series.  ..All of this is illustrated through well explained examples and hands.  …All-in all this video series offers an abundance of skills and range of knowledge combined with expert analysis and clear explanations.” -dontwork

“I have to say that this video series is a solid investment for lowstakes Grinder ...the quiz is definitely the best video…” -pokermason1

I love the materials, first time I feel 100% sure to heard a guy who deeply knows what he coaches. Concepts are just the ones you need to understand. Some vids are short, but you understand soon that it's just the perfect timing to explain the concept and to allow you to view, review and review them again and not be bored at the end.  The added forum is a good extend to speak with the coaches about the vids.  I was a donk playing plo and now I feel comfortable playing 50 and 100 game.  First time I understand what is going on around the tables. I need to improve my game again of course, vids are still here and I need to say that playing/review vids with notes, and doing that again is just perfect. I would love to see a V 2 with more concepts explained specially deep stacks play and turn/river moves.” -2PourPapa

"Not sure my word means much given how much of a stranger I am about these parts but I thought I'd drop in and say that both of kazor's courses are great.  He explains everything very thoroughly, and goes through the thought process from start to finish for decisions on all streets.  I'd definitely recommend him.  While not a strong sample size, here are my results on this computer. I finished the kazor course just after halfway through the sample, hope that much is clear!"  -pijankengur on 2+2 Poker Forum

Course Outline

Video 1: Tools For Improvement

Kazor talks about some tools you can use to improve your game aside from videos and coaching.

  • HEM
  • Propokertools – Equity Calculations and Ranges
  • Friends
  • Forum

Video 2: Starting Hands

Kazor examines what makes a good starting hand in Omaha and mixes in an analysis with propokertools

  • Understanding hand strength
  • Suits
  • Connectedness
  • Draws, Draws, Draws
  • Pairs
  • Propokertools

Video 3: Raising unopened pots

Kazor goes over the thought process behind raising unopened pots in different positions

  • Hand Strength
  • Knowing a range of hands the play well against the top range of Omaha Hands
  • Table and Player Dynamics
  • Key to raising unopened pots
  • Size of Pot
  • Early Vs Late Position
  • Adjusting Bet Sizing
  • Examples

Video 4: Blind Play

Kazor discusses how to effectively play out of the blinds.

  • Blind Defense against raises/steals
  • 3-betting
  • Blind vs Blind dynamics
  • Ranges
  • Position
  • Bet Sizing
  • Examples

Video 5: 3-Betting

Kazor examines and discusses 3-betting dynamics

  • Fold Equity
  • Position
  • Opponents Tendencies
  • 4-Bet Ranges
  • Playing AAxx
  • Stack to Pot Ratio
  • Understanding perceived ranges
  • Table Dynamics
  • Examples

Video 6: Board Textures

Kazor examines and categorizes different board textures

  • Dry
  • Wet
  • Attack Boards
  • Corresponding Ranges
  • Examples

Video 7: Why are we betting and things to consider

Kazor goes over some of the things you should consider as you play a hand

  • Why are we betting
  • Later Street Implications
  • Miscellaneous things to consider
  • Fold Equity
  • Position
  • C/R vs Lead
  • Raising Vs Calling
  • Can we call a raise?
  • Stack to Pot Ratio
  • Board Texture
  • HU Vs Multiway
  • Ranges
  • Back Door Equity

Video 8: Putting Our Opponent On A Range

Kazor discusses hand reading and putting opponents on a range

  • Think of a range
  • Narrowing it down as hand progresses
  • Blockers
  • Opponents Tendencies
  • Detailed Examples

Video 9: Quiz - 32 Decisions

Kazors put you to the test (quiz)

  • Choose your action
  • Record your answers

Video 10: Quiz With Answers - 32 Decisions

Kazor goes over the quiz with all the answers

  • In-Depth Analysis of Hands
  • Best Answers
  • Worst Answers
  • Grading
  • Report Card

Video 11: NoteCaddy Features Overview

A discussion of the newest technologies to maximize your winrate

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