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Thread: Plan: coaching from YD after being decent 200NL reg (4bb+)

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    Great initiative Gilz89 and Dehi!

    I am also coming back to the tables. I played lately mostly 10nl (which in the last 12k hands i am beating at 15bb/100, this since i restarted playing), since the 3 times i tried to move up to nl25 didn't work out well. I bought the Expert Cash Games 1 and 2, How to Play OOP from the Blinds and Revolutionary New Lines, and i took plenty of notes that i will start to review now.

    This being said, i would like to join the study skype group. Should i add you both?
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    What's up!?

    Have been gone for some time on the forum, but due to choosing some bad difficult life choices I wasn't able to put poker up front and really go for it with a fresh mind.

    I'm rebuilding BR again (starting from 10NL) and this time there is no other shit involved that could fuck up my BR; playing 100NL while not sober so to say with a BR barely suiteable for 50NL. Playing like 39/28/18 and obviously that won't take too long before losing your whole BR with like 20BI. This happened multiple times the past years actually, so I never really had the opportunity to consistently play (sober and fresh as it should). Now I?ve mastered this enough to give it a good shot now and not fucking it up...

    I'll get back on here but within some time: I am searching for some people that play my stake or 1 stake higher to form a group. So more specifically to someone playing YD's style instead of GTO-ish. This will probably be somewhere in december/januari. Any contact before that would be awesome to just share ideas and start the real deal when I'm totally ready for it.

    With consistency I should be back at 50NL for sure or even 100NL within a few months. Bank Roll Management will be key to me. Might post a graph now and then and I just hope someone contacting me already to see what's up:

    Skype: teunvgils

    Obv the name of the thread will still stand, so I owe you that one Ryan!
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    Hey guys!

    Still wanting to start a serious small study group. I've been improving a lot both with YourDoom courses and PIO/FZ work for ranges and exploitation. Here some latest results. GilZ89 somewhere at the bottom:

    And MIKE, yes, that coaching still holds if you're still active enough. Your clear voice, idea's etc. I just can't get enough from.

    Looks like things finally go the way to 200NL. Been a rollercoaster (in life also, that's the main reason for all the delays).

    I would like to start a small study group that aim specifically at exploitating the field. Ofcourse some PIO/FZ work could and will be involved too.

    PLease just check out the link and see the results and then hit me up
    Skype: teunvgils
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