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Thread: PLO MTT Foundations: MTT & Short Stack

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    PLO MTT Foundations: MTT & Short Stack

    2020 UPDATE:

    This course is no longer available for sale and has been archived. Owners of the course still have access (and will always have access) to the videos.

    In 2020 we reviewed every course and have removed those that are no longer optimal for poker in the 20s (2020s.)

    If you'd like to be notified when new PLO content is released, please email support to be put on the notify list.
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    Sean's Testimonials...

    Having played poker professionally for over ten years and really been slacking for the last couple I decided 2016 was a year where I either needed to start taking things seriously again or try something new. I got in touch with Sean for coaching and it's turned out to be a great decision - he instantly re-ignited my enthusiasm and love for the game and got me thinking about poker again.

    We are coming to the end of the ten session block package and throughout he has been nothing but professional, courteous and available whenever I have a question. On top of that he's really easy going and a breeze to get along with.

    He's considerably improved my winrate by pointing out some leaks, discussing theory and how to exploit certain player types but more importantly he's got me excited to play poker again and have the confidence to battle in today's tough games.
    Gregor, mid-stakes PLO pro

    As someone who has experienced Sean's coaching first hand, I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is great at both finding leaks and helping to plug them fast, and I've personally experienced a marked improvement in my game since receiving coaching from him.

    He really has a knack for teaching complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand, and honestly, anyone purchasing a 10 class pack is getting an absolute steal. Sean is also really easy to get along with, which is a big bonus!

    *Jamie, mid-stakes PLO pro

    Although I've been playing PLO professionally for 5 years, the last months weren't good for me, as I was struggling to breakeven at PLO100. After a disastrous January (about 90 buyins down), I decided to get Sean's coaching.

    Since the first class, he helped me fix a lot of leaks in my game. He is really good at explaining his line of thought and is always available to comment on hands by email or Skype.

    I moved down to PLO50 and reduced my number of tables in order to field test the changes in my game and regain my confidence and results couldn't have been better. I played 56k hands and finished with 5.88bb/100 (6.51 EV bb/100) winrate.

    I am really looking forward to the remaining classes, as I feel it will help improve my game more and more.

    Ivan, PLO pro

    I have been working with Sean for a few weeks now. He has a really good understanding of PLO and does well to communicate it to his student. His initial database review is extremely valuable on its own. Once he discovered my leaks, each class has been designed to improve those areas/game. He has a strong understanding of HEM2 and PPT, which has helped me study more efficiently outside of his coaching. He is also available if you want advice on hands you have played recently. I highly recommend him if you want to take your PLO to a new level.

    Kevin, mid-stakes PLO pro
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