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Thread: If you earn NO cashback on your Skrill deposits, read this thread (v legit, not spam)

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    If you earn NO cashback on your Skrill deposits, read this thread (v legit, not spam)


    If you have and use a Skrill account and receive no cash back on your deposits, you're making a huge mistake.

    It's the same thing as signing up a poker account without getting any rakeback. The only people who do it are those who don't know that cash back is available with no strings attached. If this describes you, I can put you on a free program which has many positives (see the long version) and zero negatives.

    Want to enroll?

    Use THIS LINK and follow the instructions. You’ll be done in two minutes.

    Are you eligible?

    - Yes, both new and existing accounts are eligible.

    How Much Cash-Back Can I Earn?

    - The average VIP earns about $250 per month in Cash-Back

    How Does It Work?

    - Each Deposit from Skrill to a Poker Site Earns 0.5% - 1% Cash-Back
    - The Cash-Back Rules are Simple

    How Do I Maximize Earnings?

    - E-Mail [] and we'll email you some tips.

    What Else Besides Cash-Back?

    Live Support!

    • ID Verifications / Removal of Limits (24 hours or less)
    • Debit Card shipments (days)
    • Free Currency exchanges (where possible in less than 24 hours)
    • VIP status upgrades (automatic upgrades at midnight each day)
    • Chargebacks being reversed (24 hours or less)

    If you have any questions, just PM me or email
    ************************************************** ************************

    Long version:

    Today YourDoomPoker is proud to announce that it has partnered with the largest Skrill Ambassador in the world in order to provide our clients with yet another perk of being members of our community. Anyone who works with us now has unique access to the single best e-wallet experience on the internet.

    Most of our clients already use an e-wallet like Skrill or Neteller to transfer money between various sites. Some are already VIPs on one site or the other. With our new partnership, we’re giving you the opportunity of taking it one step further.

    It doesn’t matter if you have a Skrill account already, whether you’re a VIP or not, or even whether you’ve got a locked account for whatever reason. E-Mail us at – there is no question that along with our partners we can significantly improve your experience in every imaginable way and help you out with any issues you may have.

    What are the Benefits to Being a Skrill VIP with Us?

    • Become a Skrill/Moneybookers VIP in a few hours and get documents verified and transaction limits lifted and removed entirely.
    • Get a FREE Skrill Debit Card (all countries are eligible!)
    • Get a FREE RSA Security Token to hacker-proof your account + Skrill’s 100% Money-back Guarantee!
    • Hold Multi-Currency Accounts (like one USD and one EURO) to avoid FX fees if you swap between friends.
    • Earn the Most Lucrative Cash Bonuses on deposits made using Skrill.
    • Hands down the best private VIP support in the e-wallet industry.

    *Find better and we’ll pay you $100!

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    i tried to contact but get constantly mistakes, that this email-account is disabled. is there any other way to get in contact to become a skrill vip?

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    Hey. Sorry for the confusion. If you emailed us at, we do have your email and support will be responding within the next few hours.

    The "returned email" message you were seeing is from another email address that the emails to ewallet get auto-forwarded to. Please ignore that error message. We are working to resolve that issue.

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    Apparently there is still a small % of people out there who have not added free cash back to their skrill accounts. If you are one of those people, please sign up with the links above.

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