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Thread: My results and what i think about what yourdoompoker teaches

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    My results and what i think about what yourdoompoker teaches

    Hi everyone i been playing poker for 12 years for a living I go by the Alias of Mpokerdonk. I decided to buy a few courses from yourdoompoker. I payed for Expert Cash Game Play in 2016 and How to Play OOP from the Blinds version 2016. I was already beating the games for about 10.5bb/100 but i increased my win rate through studying what he has to say about poker. Just to be sure we are on the right page you will get a lot out of his courses if you study them. I worked hard on my game to get it higher and still believe i can get it higher then what i have it at right now. He taught me some new things or thoughts and ideas as well as it has helped me think of new ideas and thoughts by something he might of said. At the end of the day these courses are a gold mine and i even told yourdoom i didn't want to write a review to get more people paying for these but he helped out with some things and confirmed somethings but what was best about the courses was i noticed me and him alike and many of the same thoughts on poker. If you want to know how to apply some advanced strategies and unique strategies then he is your man. I am posting a over all win rate stats and positional stats. My positional stats have actually improved better then what these stats show and most of all i am losing in the BB -7.78bb/100 now. Thank yourdoom and hope to get more courses in the future. Side Note i will own the rest of his courses before this year is over guys.


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