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Thread: Maximum Edge- A new course from robmaf and YourDoom

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    Maximum Edge- A new course from robmaf and YourDoom

    Maximum Edge - A new course from robmaf and YourDoom

    Click here for the Course Outline
    Click here for the Promo Video

    I asked robmaf to make this course because in addition to being an excellent poker player and one of the most respected poker coaches in Poland, he is the foremost expert that I know in PreGame Preparation.

    In addition to his complete series you will also receive one video from myself in this package which will reveal everything I know and do to keep my entire self operating optimally over the long term.

    Almost all other poker courses teach you how to play the hands. They teach you when you want to bet, call, fold, raise, etc... and why.

    THIS course however covers everything else. The topics in this course are often overlooked by many players but are absolutely critical for the success of any poker professional.

    I'm happy to present "Maximum Edge" available only at YourDoomPoker. - Ryan aka YourDoom

    Video Testimonials and Info

    robmaf previously made one video in Polish on PokerStrategy which is very similar to one video in this series. This video was one of the most popular videos ever released with over 4500 views and a 5-star rating.

    Here are just a few of the 23 positive comments from viewers that we have translated:

    "robmaf, what you are saying and how you say it is music to my ears, you could train a few of the coaches [on PokerStrategy]" - Bushilla

    "The most important poker video in my life. Seriously." - socket05

    "Probably the best mindset poker movie on PokerStrategy. The only one I watched twice. During my second viewing I created my own list. I am going to print it and hang it on the wall" - Pasiv

    "Another great production !! More videos Robmaf !!" - Lorpio

    "With all due respect to other coaches, but listening to Robmaf is a pleasure." - ripper92

    "Robmaf has a cool voice, he should be a professional reader." - Insanepro

    "this video is superb!" - Preludium

    More about robmaf

    Hi, my name is Robert aka robmaf. I am one of the leading and most respected poker coaches and bloggers in Poland. I have made a lot of videos at PokerStrategy and am a BlackMember of that site. I have crushed mid and high stakes over the past 4 years with 4bb/100 winrate. I have been playing on Ipoker, PartyPoker, 888, FullTilt, Revolution, Entraction, Microgaming and PokerStars.

    I used to sit on the tables versus anyone up to nl2000. Two of my nicknames were in top 50 winning players on nl1000 and nl2000 on PTR in 2013...

    In 2014 I only played zoom on PokerStars, nl500 and nl1000... This is one of the toughest games out there and I competed with the top players in the whole world.

    I love to prepare, I love to learn and teach. I also love to crush. During my poker career, I have developed lots of strategies to learn, to improve as a person and as a poker player. I have taken tons of poker and mental coaching sessions but my best teacher was YourDoom. I am strongly focused on exploiting the game of poker by using it's data and resources to my advantage, as I crush other players.

    This is my most recent 600k hands where I have played nl200-nl5000.

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    Robmaf Coaching Testimonials

    I took the first private lessons. The choice fell on Robmaf.
    I worked with him for three months, during which I had a 15h of training. I am 100% satisfied with the transferred knowledge, professionalism, in many respects, and most importantly, with a marked improvement in my game.
    It resulted in better results at currently played limit:
    before 2.5bb / 100:

    after 11.5bb / 100:

    Thanks again Robmaf!!!
    P.S. Probably not the end of cooperation.
    I am after 6 hours of coaching with robmaf and I can not wait for the next!!
    Generally, just before the coaching game started on a new iPoker software and played 7k hands, where clearly I was b / E as shown on the graph:

    In contrast, another 3k hand played after coachings with robmaf in full concentration when playing 4 tables looks like this:

    Please pay attention to the non-sd !! total change !! Now I do not even know when the variance gets me because I win without a showdown
    I look forward to the next training
    P.S. I know that it's a small sample, but I wanted to draw attention to significant changes + complete change of style of play.
    Recently I had the pleasure of working with Robert. For several hours we analyzed video footage of my session, which I played on the tables nl100sh. Robmaf carefully looked at my game, picked up various irregularities in the way of thinking. We must also give him a lot of flexibility - not impose his own style of playing, always emphasizes what other solution would be an option, etc.
    I recommend Robmaf
    In November, I had 1.5 hours of training with Robmaf. I'm very happy. Training was held in a very pleasant atmosphere. Robmaf fast tracked a problem occurring in my game, based on only a few good hands that we analyzed. Everything was presented in such a form that I had no problems with understanding. He was also properly motivated for my further development, I greatly appreciate.
    Surely, even I'll take more coaching. I highly recommend this guy.
    I'm after a few hours of training with Robmaf and I must say I was surprised of his professional approach. At the beginning we get to fill in the questionnaire, so the coach knows what we expect from him and what makes us problems. Robmaf throughout the time of the training was heavily involved.
    In training, I liked the fact that we considered different variants of the course and how to adapt if our opponent had other tendencies then we expected.
    The coach is open to creative and unorthodox lines if we are able to justify it
    I recommend Robmaf.
    I wanted to share feedback of Robmaf's seminar organized in Malta
    Let's start with the fact that before the training Robmaf wrote in points what exactly we were doing. Actually, it was a conscientiously implemented which resulted in my case, a big injection of knowledge and self-confidence at the tables.
    As for me, the most value was in analyzing my own game and on finding my leaks. After each session I played in Malta we could discuss particular hands, irregularities we’re captured were fixed immidiately and sitting down to the next session I could put it into practice.
    Robmaf, for the next time, you could plan everyday in more detail in order to use time more effectively. In addition - greater emphasis on domestic work and settle with them.
    It is known, however, that with this type of training is how much we learn depends largely on the particular participant. So if someone is set on intensive learning and draw maximum value is definitely worth in this type of training.
    I'm only after two training sessions with Robmaf, and my results have improved unbelievably!!! I would recommend anyone Robmaf... For his professionalism, very cool attitude and way of conducting training. I could write out here a lot of advantages, but I think this graph answer for all (note the NonShowdown, I know that the small sample of hands, but progress is crushing!):
    Before workouts:

    I had a few trainings with Robert and I have to say that dude knows what he is doing. He offers a wide range of types of lessons: we played sweat, live session, analyzed base and everything was done at a high professional level. Each hand has been extensively discussed at any angle.
    I heartily recommend, because it is worth it!
    At the end of September, I took 5 hours of coaching with Robert. I was not seeking recommendations from others, I did not ask for charts or sample its features. Encouraging was Robmaf’s blog itself, from which you can get to know a very professional approach of a coach (I recommend the blog!).
    For the first two hours, we were discussing my stats and watched a movie with my game. I liked Robert’s very individual approach. Almost immediately he could put himself in my place. He showed me my biggest faults, errors of thinking and gave lots of practical advice on my game.
    Next 3h we working with my database finding my and my opponents leaks.
    The cost for 5h was quite big for me, but still I took a chance and it paid off. I wanted to learn from the best, and that's what I got: high-end knowledge and advice that will serve me for a long time.
    For critics: Do not assessed apples after it looks, but how it tastes.
    Testimony of a good coach is not a pretty graph, and the knowledge that it provides.
    I worked with robmaf for 2 weeks, very clever guy - I think he can help anyone to NL600, his coachings are not just doing a sweat and then notes, we deeply analyzed my stats in search of leaks, highly recommended for players who have my problems with beating their stakes and for those who crash but would like to learn how to analyze opponents or your game to crushow even more.
    I purchased a 5 hour package with Robmaf and I am very happy. We found a lot of leaks in my game, which should significantly improve my winrate.
    I got homework, which forces some to think over the game and prepare some strategies that will later be useful at the table.
    In addition, the pdf of my biggest leaks and various thoughts / advice on how to improve them.
    I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to improve their game and move it to a higher level.
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    For some time I wanted to take a private lessons with one of the coaches on the PS, finally I chose Robmaf. I think that was a great choice.
    Generally I purchased a package of 10h amd 1h got free + tip each workout is extended by a good ten minutes, so that we can complete debated issue.
    We started from a very detailed analysis of my statistics and wrote down my leaks, then using filters we have searched specific spots where these leaks occurred and trainer discuss in detail what I should to play versus specific player.
    After training I get homework to complete which had also a very positive influence on my development.
    I still have a few hours of training, so certainly we plan to play sweat to see how I apply all the advice the coach gives in practice.
    The atmosphere in training is very nice, Robmaf is a very communicative person and his knowledge of the NL SH and the ability to put it in an accessible way is HUGE. I am also sure that this was not my last package bought from Robert. Briefly summarizing: highly recommended!
    I paid concrete money, so I expect concrete results.
    Of course, you should take into account that:
    - I sent request to block the PokerStars tables so I may open max 12 tables (previously played until after 24)
    - I was doing housework myself
    - Care about mindset; atmosphere during the game
    In order to compare past graphs of the game on NL50euro from 1 July (which ended in my good fortune - up to now) and from 1 February.
    I've taken 1h of coaching with Robmaf on January 18 after which changed my game.
    Earlier I played nl100-200 with nl400 shots and at one point I stopped winning as if I was struck by lighting.
    I have lost my bankroll and I wasn’t able to afford coaching:
    CHART 1 - 1 July to now
    (There was one chart that shows the losing 200k hands, then 50 k hands win)
    Last 50k hands after coaching with Robmaf
    FIGURE 2 1 February to now (from begining of coaching and thorough analysis of the game)
    (There was 2 chart that shows the winning 50k hands with winrate 7.5bb / 100)
    ~~ EVbb 7.5bb / 100
    Do not want to judge how much merit in this coaching was and how much good fleece. But one thing is evident, with over 200k hands before I did not have such a good run and a good game, which has appeared now.
    I changed strategies of the game, the game became easier and more transparent and swings smaller.
    For some time I will try to give a similar chart from higher stakes regardless whether positive or negative, and each of the readers alone will be able to draw conclusions.
    I thought I knew a lot about the game and database analysis of hands. After subsequent analysis and another failed attempt to find leaks in my own game, I decided to take training with Robmaf. We found and analyzed 2 huge leaks in my game (skipping several smaller ones also important) that improvements should greatly affect my winrate. The vast knowledge, erudition and communicativity makes 2h training very soon pass away not surprised that predecessors have taken out a large number of packeges and also will to discuss all issues that interest me.
    I would recommend Robmafs coaching to people who really wants huge development . Use the offer while it is still valid.
    I also benefited from the 5h training package with robmaf. We first analyze my game based on the recorded cutscene, then we analyzed statistics and the database. Coach quickly pointed to me the biggest leaks, told how to optimize my game, increase aggression in certain spots or properly create a gameplan. We also played live sessions where I had the opportunity to practice the theories discussed before.
    In summary, I would recommend robmaf as a coach. This is certainly a person who possesses considerable knowledge and being able to pass it in an accessible way. Big plus is also that robmaf I suspect authentically does care about good teaching and development of his "students". In the future I'll definitely use more coaching with robmaf.

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    Do Robmaf also coach?

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    Quote Originally Posted by johanfo View Post
    Do Robmaf also coach?
    Yes he does. I'll have more info for you soon.

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    Yes, I'm offering coaching for $175/hour. You can contact me via skype: robmaf or email

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    Hi, I am recieving lots of questions about coachings. My last free slot next week is Wednesday 10am GMT+1.

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    I ve just recieved new opinion on my skype:

    I started coaching with Robmaf in 2012. Through the next 2 years he help me develope my game from B/E nl100 grinder to winning nl500z player. He is very engaged and dynamic teacher with a great knowledge and passion for the game. Outside of techincal aspects of the game he help me how to makes plan and reach my goals. Definitly biggest booster in my poker career.

    Tombo has SNE status on PokerStars and one of my best students.


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    robmaf is a very professional coach who has helped me a ton with my game. Before our first session even began he asked for me to fill out a questionnaire and send him my stats so that he would know what my leaks were and to be prepared to help me. He is very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. I feel confident in my game and have a clear idea of what to focus on both on and off the tables. His rates are a steal at this point. He is also generous with his time and actively took an interest in my improvement.

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