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Thread: Fydor's Heads Up Mastermind Course - Hyper SNGs

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    This video-series really is a first-class product - not only is it the nearest thing you can get to a "system" for being a winning player in HU hypers (Mike breaks everything down comprehensively, from pre-flop ranges for all effective-stack-sizes, to adjustments vs fish/regs, reviewing games away from tbls, even how to use software effectively and plug leaks etc), but for me (and I'm sure many others) the real added-value (and we poker players love a bit of that, right?) lies in his willingness to discuss things at length with students, and his availibility/accessibilty for any questions/issues you may have - he makes certain that you understand the key concepts and how to apply them in-game, and he always seems to exude positivity and professionality, which can help keep you on-track and motivated when things maybe aren't going your way.

    I thoroughly recommend this course for anyone who wants to accelerate their progress in HU hypers, and move-up through the limits quickly and effectively!

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    Quote Originally Posted by uuuups View Post
    is there possibility to create spin and go poker course? or maybe addon for your HU course for 3max players?
    Hello -

    We have signed on a Spin and Go expert and he is currently making a new course for this site. There will be a thread about it here,

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