My updated results (updated 1/2/2018)

****** CURRENT PRICE INFO ******

We crushed 2014-2017. Let's keep it rolling...

I want to make absolutely sure I'm offering the best NL content for the best value price anywhere on the web.

I've decided to make the following price changes on my NL packages.

These are the new no-nonsense, rock-bottom prices of each package.

Advanced Tactics - was €597 - was then €298 - is now €149.
Revolutionary New Lines - was €497 - was then €249 - is now €199.
How to Play from the Blinds - every version has always been €397 - is now €297.
Expert Cash Game Play - was €397 - is now €297

Each of our 3 excellent PLO courses are part of this sale for 20% off.
Cash Games (Beginner/Intermediate) Kazor:
Cash Games (Advanced) Kazor:
MTTs - Sean Kapul (NEW):

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