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Thread: Revolutionary New Lines and Expert Precision Testimonials

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    “Revolutionary New Lines and Expert Precision...” video series review

    This is a review of Ryan’s newest video series “Revolutionary New Lines and Expert Precision for Winning at the Highest Level”.

    Firstly, this is an advanced course aimed mainly at those who understand the basics well and could already be good winning players. Its’ main purpose is to help players improve their play in a variety of trouble spots by taking more aggressive lines. Of course, that is not all, you also get an overview of new lines and play styles in seemingly standard spots which could become much more profitable.

    The video quality is high, Ryan’s voice is loud and clear, there are no distinct pauses, the whole experience of watching the video series is very positive. Each of the parts is informative and also not too long.

    The main body of a series contains a collection of theory videos supported with carefully selected hand examples illustrating the point. The topics covered are: the mathematics of min5b, river play, usage of unusual lines to make your opponents cry (and lose more to you), exploiting people even before you get to play the hand, alternative view of playing 3b pots and, finally, correcting turn leaks. The common idea is playing optimally in trouble spots and exploiting the competition.

    Ryan not only presents the ideas in a simple and understandable form, not only explains why they work, but, most importantly, teaches you to think for yourself, to analyze the situation and be able to take optimal actions. This is very important, you are not spoon-fed the content but rather learn and improve your understanding of the game. It is crucial to watch videos over and over, taking notes if necessary (I do), returning to moments which don’t seem clear.

    Also, you should understand that these moves, if used incorrectly, could lead to severe stack damage and big blinds lost. Ryan warns about this danger repeatedly. The effectiveness is there, but be cautious while using. Also, no one forces you to do things exactly as they are presented. You could easily incorporate these ideas into your game play based on your playing style, stakes you play and preferences. Basically you are presented a variety of tools and how you’re going to use them is completely up to you.

    Oh, wait! That’s not all. The course has several live play videos with commentary. And even though you should treat these videos like just Ryan playing his normal session, the value of these is huge. You receive the whole thought process and the logic behind plays which, in turn, teach you even more about analyzing and adapting. Unfortunately, because it’s live play, these vods are not as action packed as you would probably like to, but believe me, you won’t get bored.

    So, for those, who are still in doubt, this course is a complete must have! I have watched many Ryan’s courses and they all have been hugely helpful and profitable for me, this one not being an exception. It is a fantastic investment, the one which is going to provide you with tools to dominate today’s hard games with confidence.

    PS: Also, one of the old Ryan's courses “How to Play OOP from the Blinds (version 2014)” has been reworked and updated. For those, who would like a more fundamental video, covering basics, this is a great buy!

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    First thing, i have bought every course of yourdoom about nlhe at 100 blinds, and the last one "Revolutionary New Lines and Expert Precision for Winning at the Highest Level" is really, really good.
    Lot of topics are covered, but my favourite is one on the 3bet pot, there is lot of tricks very helpfull, and the most important thing for me, it really changes my game is the zero strategy. I think in todays games is really important to do that against some very agressive players.
    For people who likes listening math behind poker, there is also a good review about 5bet, that's important because i see lot of regs at tables who are really playing wrong with 5bet...
    Finally, all the people who dreams about to see Doom playing live are served ! Many hours of live play with good commentary and interesting spots to see the champion in action

    I really recommend this course for advance regs who wants to crush the games in 2014, because that is what important, beat the game now and for that, Doom advices really matter. Almost every week Doom speak about weird and unsual spots in the private forum, we can ask question and Doom always answer (like other courses).

    I am very excited to watch video 19 and 20 "most interesting hands of the year" at the end of the year because don't forget, Doom beat is own challenge this year :

    To conclude if you want to crush the game and still stay in the race, this course is for you.

    From a 200 nl and sometines 500 nl players zoom games players.

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    review of the Revolutionary New Lines course

    I´m an older NL-25-6-max-pokerplayer who is NOT very successful (in poker) and NOT a poker-genius.

    I did have about 25 years of education, teaching and being teached in my job as a physician.

    I can tell you: Ryan is a great coach, he could even be a good teacher in math or science etc.

    This course is:
    - well structured
    - easy to understand
    - covers lots of specific situations (on cash tables)
    - very usefull
    - fun to listen

    Especially the seeing Ryan playing life poker is very interesting, he almost never plays “auto-mod”, 90% of his actions are played for good reasons.

    If even a low-talented poker player (like I am!) is profiting ->

    go and get this course, its +++ EV!

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