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Thread: How to Play from the Blinds with YourDoom Testimonials

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    This was the complete published review of our "How to Play from the Blinds" series which was on CoachingTokens before that site went offline.

    Coaching Token Review:

    Review of Yourdoom's video series on "How to Play from the blinds".

    "Yourdoom went from the humble beginnings of $10 SNG's to completely crushing high-stakes $10/$20 NL games on Poker Stars. That's the basic story of one of the top coaches featured at CoachingTokens. The fact that Yourdoom decided to produce a video series after Black Friday has excited many poker players that are dedicated to improving their game.

    The numbers attached to Yourdoom's results speak for themselves; leaving absolutely no doubt that Yourdoom is an amazing poker player. The question is whether his video series on how to play from the blinds is just as good as his poker game. It's simple, being able to crush the games doesn't automatically mean you'll experience the same success in teaching others to do so as well. Let's find out."

    The series from a teaching perspective

    "Before I watched the video series I found comfort in the fact that Yourdoom is a former high school math teacher. Being able to transfer your knowledge from one person to another is crucial when it comes to teaching through a video series. The reason why this skill is so crucial is because you don't have the opportunity to ask someone to elaborate on the things you didn't understand in the first place.

    I must honestly say that Yourdoom explains his thought process exceptionally well. He also speaks at the optimal pace to provide you with enough time to process his information. His constant pace, combined with his clear voice, not only makes the series pleasant to watch, while also ensuring that you'll pick up all of the information that Yourdoom provides. Poker players that have trouble understanding videos by English speaking coaches who quickly mumble through their words will certainly take comfort in the fact that this isn't the case with Yourdoom's video series.

    Besides his ability to efficiently transfer his knowledge, he is also a very thorough teacher. In the beginning of the series he makes sure that everyone understands each of the poker terms he uses to ensure that everyone gets the maximum value out of the series.

    Additionally, Yourdoom structures his video series very well. He provides the student with a clear game plan, step by step. One of the best things about the series was that I felt I had genuinely learned an overall game plan for playing in the blinds within 4 hours.

    So what exactly does Yourdoom cover within those 228 minutes?"

    The content of the series

    "The series is all about playing from the blinds as you might have guessed from the title. However, not everyone might interpret the content the title refers to in the same way. In this series, all possible spots that you can encounter from the blinds are covered. This includes playing against UTG, MP, CO and BTN in 2 bet spots. Yourdoom's 3-betting strategy is also covered, but doesn't get as much attention as other elements of playing from the blinds. Playing as a blind vs. another blind is also not covered in this series."

    Highlights of the main concepts in these series are covered briefly below:

    The Basics

    "Yourdoom thoroughly covers the basics and gives the student various small tips that can make a huge difference in their blind game. He specifically includes tips on how to gain insight into your opponents stealing range. Be sure to read the video comments as Yourdoom stops in to add additional valuable advice."

    The General Strategy:

    "Yourdoom gives insight into his defense range against his opponent's likely stealing range. He does an exceptional job at providing the student with insight on how wide the stealing range of a decent regular is in the current poker landscape. He also provides insight into the opportunities this gives the SB/BB to play back at their opponents range. One of the most important plays he provides information on is check-raising in profitable spots that normal players frequently and incorrectly take a more passive check-call line."

    Defending hands with little to no equity in tough spots

    "YD also talks about spots where he is defending with hands that have little to no equity. He provides his student with clear arguments as to why they should make these recommended plays, as well as the unique conditions that must be present before they become profitable moves. He also goes on to explain which turn cards are profitable to continue on."

    Defending against various openings ranges

    "YourDoom manages to visualize his opponents range exceptionally well to his students. He provides the student with a clear game plan on how to play against various openings ranges."

    * Multiway

    "YD gives you an overview of which hands can be played profitable in multi-way pots. He also includes the optimal places for calling, 3-betting, and squeezing, accompanied with insight on which factors and variables determine the action to result in the most profitable outcome possible. He also discusses his post flop play in multi-way pots and sets very clear guidelines for why the moves he makes should be made."


    "Yourdoom commits himself to making sure that his students get the strategy right. During a 41 minute quiz, he'll include 20 spots that a player will find themselves in. He'll then go on to explain the correct answers in detail. I found this conclusion to his training course to be very effective."

    The value of the content

    "As a 200NL player, I can say that from my point of view, the information provided by Yourdoom is first class. His game plan to optimize your play from the blinds takes away the guessing game you would have otherwise faced with a more traditional passive line. This approach enables you to have way more control over the development of the situations you're facing out of the blinds.

    The downside to this style of play is that you really need to know what you're doing. You must have an idea of when to put pressure on your opponents, when to give up against them, as well as how to adapt when they get an idea of your new playing style. This is very crucial as it ensures that you balance on the edge of making +EV plays, as opposed to going over the edge towards spewy plays.

    Yourdoom uses the time of the videos very efficiently, but I have the feeling that another hour of material on other common situations would've been a great addition. Specifically on how to deal with spots where you're facing a turn after you check-raise the flop, would be a very valuable addition to this great series.

    Fortunately Yourdoom gives you the opportunity to ask him any question related to the content of the series. Keep in mind though that he'll refer you to personal coaching lessons if you want to specifically discuss hands as there would be no end in sight to him providing analysis on every specific hand against every random player. However, questions relating to the content of the series only will be answered by Yourdoom.

    Personally, I think that if you really want to master his playing out of the blinds strategy, you should be prepared to take 1-2 hours of personal coaching with YD in addition to the series. With that being said, I think that his video series is packed with more than enough value to justify the cost of €397, especially when you consider that it has great value for players who play as high as $1000 NL. As I have never played above 1000NL, I do not dare to give a judgment on the value for players above those stakes."

    Testing YD's strategy

    "His video series was a true source of inspiration to me. It has pushed me to analyze my game thoroughly, resulting in me making some very profitable adjustments. Two and a half weeks after I watched the series, I have reduced my losses from the blinds from -48bb/100 to -37bb/100 over 20K hands. I've also made a significant improvement to my red line. Of course, the sample size is too small to draw serious conclusions from, and I tested the strategy a limit lower, but things look promising!"


    "Yoordoom provides the buyer with a solid advanced system which is developed to minimize your losses out of the blinds. But there is more to it than that. Hearing a very successful poker player talk strategy on the same concept for over 4 hours gives you valuable information on how to improve your play in others position as well. This series is packed with advice that one might overlook while focusing on the big picture; advice that can prove to be a very valuable improvement to your game.

    In addition to the actual information YD provides you with, he also really gets you thinking about your game, which in my eyes is essential to effectuate a significant improvement in your game.

    Should you buy the series? Who am I to tell you whether you should buy the series or not. I would estimate that buying the series is a very solid investment for the vast majority (95%+) of all poker players between the 50 - 400NL range. If you pay close attention, you'll notice so many things discussed by Yourdoom that can boost your poker game even outside of playing from the blinds. Are you among that majority of players? Only you know. I'm quite confident I have provided you with sufficient information that can allow you to make a carefully considered decision on your own."

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    Hi, ive recently bought your Doom's blinds series after thinking it over for quite a while now as the money seemed like quite alot to me seen as i have only been studying poker now for around 14 months and im still in the process of trying to move up stakes, during that 14 months i have read alot of books and watched alot of videos from various sites like Cardrunners Deuces cracked and Bluefire poker, ive learnt alot from these sites and i recently came across a blinds series on one of these sites that i was abit unsure of what i was being recommended, so seen as i had all ready bought your dooms advanced tactics series i messaged him and asked him what does he think about this stuff i had been recommended to do from the blinds.
    That's when he told me that these ranges were wrong and at that point i had no choice but to find out exactly how bad these ranges were and after watching just one video (video 3) i realized just how bad they were and im sure had i not bought Ryans blinds series i would of lost alot of money using the defense ranges i had been given from this other site.

    But that's not all you get not only does Ryan tell you what ranges you can defend from the blinds vs different players but he will tell you how to play that hand post flop as well vs different player types, you only need to look at the course outline and you can see that this is all stuff you more than likely don't know and it will help to improve your game, you certainly wont find this stuff in a poker book or on the other poker sites.

    Don't get me wrong the poker sites ive mentioned above have some good content but Ryans vids are on completely another level in comparison and easy to understand as everything is explained properly, where you don't get that luxury watching a pro 6 tabling and speaking at the same time for an hour.

    Im currently watching Ryans series again and then im going to be buying his 100bb re player series next as its a no brainer to buy after watching the blinds and advanced tactics series.

    So if your looking to improve your game Ryan is your man, he is an extremely good coach and his vids are insanely good value for the sort of content your going to get.

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    "How to Play from the Blinds Version 2016" is now available!

    Here's a couple new free videos

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    Hi everyone,
    I wanted to let you know one of my recent purchase "How to Play OOP from the Blinds version 2016" video series by Yourdoom, and recommend it to everyone because it's an amazing course.

    I have never been able to fully understand this new gto "very light" blinds defense. I start called many hands oop and lose a lot of money. I spent months trying to improve that strategy watching videos of other coaching sites, but kept losing more than 40 bb/100 from BB, so I decided to buy this course.

    Thanks to Ryan I knew exactly when defending a certain hand is right and how to play it post flop versus any opponents! Yourdoom is a great teacher, he can give you the concepts with greater clarity.
    Now I'm going to improve other aspects of my game, of course always with the help of Ryan.

    If you are struggling with the concept of the blinds defense and you're confused about what to do, this is a no brainer purchase.
    Ship it and stop bleeding money from the blinds!

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    Hello everyone interested in this course!!! i have bin playing poker for 5 year's now, and since day one when i was first was introduced by a friend of mine i was hooked.

    I wanted to be the best poker player in the universe!!! I assume like most people who pick up this game for the love of it. so i bought book after book on strategy trying to learn the game, i then started joining training site's as well.

    i always picked up lot's of idea's, concept's and tricks to help me improve my game but after years of smothering myself with video's i eventually realized I was overloaded with subject matter in my mind and with so many people making video's some even contradicting other's in large way's i felt after year's of studying the game i understood the foundation but after so many video's and book's I was still very lost on a lot of spot's.

    Fortunately I finally found your doom!! Ryan style of coaching is straight forward with no unneeded bullshit or bad European accent's making it sometimes near impossible to learn a new concept. Ryan has a master's in teaching and that must have a bit to do with the awesome course layout and easy to take in information. I would recommend this course for anyone who is struggling in the game. if your worried about the money, the courses are cheap as fuck for what you get out of them so quit bitching and pay up or just continue to suck at the game your playing your choice. Best of luck for those who choose to make this investment in themselves it will go a long way in for Poker career and some sick Rising green lines on your tracking software!!

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