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Thread: Advanced Tactics Testimonials

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    Mar 2016
    Hey guys

    I recently bought "Advanced Tactics: How to Beat Small, Medium and High Stakes at Over 10bb/100.
    At first i was a bit sceptical, since it's really expensive for a losing NL10 Grinder.
    But because of the good reviews and the sale on this course i went ahead and bought it.
    All of the content is easy to understand, instantly applicable on the tables and definately will show you how to improve your game by yourself.
    Results speak more than thousand words, so here is my overall graph, aswell as a bonus snippet from the time being, when i finished all the videos of the series :-).

    (All Results are on Stars Zoom Tables from March 2016 - April 2016)

    And the results, since i finished all videos:

    As promised 10EVBB/100 :-).

    I'm definately a happy customer and recommend this course to anybody who struggles with their game out there!

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    Hi all,

    I have recently brought the advanced tactics course. I felt that I was a losing player in the current live games that I play in. This course is very suitable for those who do not have HUDs Stats or much information about the opponent types. In addition, this course enlighten me to a new way of playing poker and some spots which are definitely leaks in my game. I do not have much progress or graphs to put on display but I will highly recommend this course to those who do not know what to purchase but have prior knowledge to poker.

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