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Thread: Advanced Tactics Testimonials

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    This testimonials is about the HM2 HUD package which comes free with any YourDoom NL course...

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    Hello everyone,
    I came across yourdoompoker about a month ago. I was having trouble to sustain a consistent winrate at poker. At first I felt like it was too much money for just a few video's. And I am sure more of you feel or have felt that way. Since probably many of you are not too rich just like me . Nonetheless I decided to give it a shot, so I emptied the piggy bank. I bought ''Advanced-T-How-to-Beat-Small-Medium-and-High-Stakes-at-Over-10bb-100'' a few weeks ago. I quickly found out that the series are worth every penny. After watching all the video's a couple of times I actually realised how terribly bad I used to play. The video series gave me so many new insights and just completely changed the way I looked upon the game. I spotted a whole bunch of leaks in my game. And opposite of what you might think is that the series is not basic information, everything is advanced. Ryan does not explain the bullshit of what c-betting or squeezing is. He assumes you know all that and goes way more in detail about specific situations. Ryan is also a very good teacher he explains everything very clear. He doesn't just show you what to do, but also why, which is in my opinion even more important. It's also important to know that Ryan is a math guy . So if you decide to buy advanced tactics then be prepared for some calculations, percentages and so forth. After a few weeks I was so thrilled by advanced tactics that I have now also bought ''with or against 40BB stacks'' and how to play from the blinds. And how to play from the blinds is IMO mandatory to purchase and watch. I am planning to buy all video series as soon as I have the money (which cant take too long cuz I play much better poker now ).

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    Hi I wanted to leave feedback on 2 video series I purchased from YourDoom, im currently playing NL10-NL50 and some NL100. The first is the blinds series, as you may know its very difficult playing from oop and knowing what to do and in what situation are thoroughly covered in this series, i watched the vids over and over while taking notes to hammer the points home, and when I went to watch it again, to my surprise there was an updated version for 2014 with some adjustment we should be making in todays games, so it looks like Ive got some more homework to do.

    The second series I got was the Advance tactics. here I got a lot of info on how to play some spots differently than I was currently playing and helped me play optimally and helped me further understand some trouble spots like how to play those hands that sometimes disguised them selves as great hands, namely AJo and KQo, im not too fond of longer videos as I find it hard to concentrate, but the vids in both theses series are to the point and when you want to go back and review a concept you don't have to mess around looking for where in the vid you want look because with theses series you can just re-watch the vid you want and refresh the whole concept in a short time.

    You may have heard the saying don't take a knife to a gunfight, well the opposite can be true too, I used to take a bazooka to a fist fight and many time ended blowing myself up by being too aggressive, the YourDoom videos have not only given me the weapons I needed but just as importantly showed me the correct weapons to use in the appropriate situations.

    I recommend these series and hopefully soon i'll be picking up the new sick lines 2014 series too.

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    I hesitated for several months about buying this course, I had during those months even turned from being a breakeven/slight losing player into a slightly/decently winning player.. I thought I was so good.
    Then I had a nice offer drop into my mailbox for this course where I received a discount and I couldn't pass the offer any longer and I was really questioning everything and skeptical in my first sitting through the course until I completed the course then all the videos I had so many doubts about all made sense.. I immediately bought the sick lines followup course after that one and this turned me into a fucking beast crusher at the tables. Best purchase in my poker career I've ever made. The advanced course is somewhat of a default strategy focused but will still open you up to a whole new level of thinking of poker (exploiting and adjusting constantly) and the sick lines followup course will deepen your knowledge so you wont ever have to scratch your head feeling lost, it will get make you an expert in analyzing villains stats and know hot to exploit those stats so you can know how to win before putting a cent into the pot. You should defintely not buy the sick lines course before watching adv tactics course, adv tactics course sounds very fundamental in the overview but it's not.

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    here is an older (and besides poker experienced) german poker-player (NL10 6-max) who profited a lot from Ryans video series.

    - easy to understand,
    - very, very usefull for your own play
    - extraordinary good reasons why to act this way,
    - friendly voice and respectfull comments of villians,
    - mathematic background (sometimes a little complex for me, but never confusing)

    Although im a sort of low-talented micro-player, this series changed my winning-line (green-line on cash-graph) from going downhill to slightly moving up!

    Purchasing this videos was probably my best investment ever!

    Thanks to Ryan, -> keep on producing this awesome videos!

    With best regards, DocSnyder

    P.S.: Sorry for my bad english!

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