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Thread: Question about why to play a loose range from EP

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    Question about why to play a loose range from EP

    I just wanted to ask why it is necessary to play a wide range from EP/MP?

    Don't we always set ourselves up for getting owned by anyone who has position on us?

    For example, what is a good reason to raise 78s from EP? If there is a fish in the blinds regulars will start calling way lighter in position (or 3betting). Since their range is equal/stronger than our hand, we are usually going to lose the hand without showdown unless we hit strong hand, in which case we have to make up for all the times where we have to b/f or c/f flops.

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    In a vacuum opening 87s from UTG is generally -EV. I mean if you were going to play exactly one hand of poker, are UTG and are dealt 87s, your best play would prob be to fold.

    I open suited connectors UTG if I want to balance my opening range or there are mega fish at the table who I can exploit leading me to wanting to play more hands.

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