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Thread: New Serious small study group, well planned

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    New Serious small study group, well planned

    Hey guys!

    Still wanting to start a serious small study group. I've been improving a lot both with YourDoom courses and PIO/FZ work for ranges and exploitation. Here some latest results. GilZ89 somewhere at the bottom:

    And MIKE, yes, that coaching still holds if you're still active enough. Your clear voice, idea's etc. I just can't get enough from.

    Looks like things finally go the way to 200NL. Been a rollercoaster (in life also, that's the main reason for all the delays).

    I would like to start a small study group that aim specifically at exploitating the field. Ofcourse some PIO/FZ work could and will be involved too.

    PLease just check out the link and see the results and then hit me up
    Skype: teunvgils
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